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  1. Light, love, and balance to all!

    I stumbled upon this site and found more than interesting reads. Am at a point in my life where I am flowing, and growing, and pushing the roots down into our mother, Earth, whilst simultaneously sailing with the prevailing winds. I have loved Da Mo's cave meditation since first I heard of it. Have studied martial arts (although it's been a while now!) and kundalini yoga, among dabbles in other energy work, a lot of which has been intuitive throughout my life. I am looking to study, learn, and practice more. Currently, I am travelling Latin America, which makes finding the right spaces and groups a trifle difficult. Particularly interested in meeting up with anyone in the San Jose/Monteverde/Puriscal regions of Costa Rica for some shared meditation, insights, and practice of energy work. May light, love, and balance be with all. xxooo