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  1. Tarot Set for Advanced

    It is simply a matter of pairing the decans with the Waite pips and observing that either the decan title is appropriate for the image, or in some cases the image illustrates the astrological configuration of the decan. This has all been thoroughly discussed elsewhere, as you know.
  2. Tarot Set for Advanced

    The images on the pips are not incompatible with the decan titles given in Book T, although the GD images are not used. This is merely a fact about the Waite deck. It has nothing to do with its evaluation.
  3. Tarot Set for Advanced

    Actually Waite does follow the GD Court order in the selection of a significator.
  4. Tarot Set for Advanced

    Maybe the Waite deck should not be evaluated by comparison with the Golden Dawn Tarot. Even the Trumps deviate from the GD pattern. The Pips apparently do follow the GD decan titles, but there is no way that they can incorporate the fullness of meaning of the decans. I use the images merely as memory aids to evoke the titles. The Waite is not really a Golden Dawn deck. While it may have had an inordinate amount of influence on the design of modern Tarot trash decks, that is not a valid reason to diss it. As for being prudish, tastes vary according to their cultural environment. The Golden Dawn Tarot may be considered prudish in comparison with the Thoth and Thoth clones, but so what? There is full frontal nudity in the Waite Devil and Lovers cards, although rather rudimentary in graphic execution.
  5. Many Years

    Hello. I've been a practicing "Tao bum" for at least the past 30 years. Nice to join with others of that ilk here.