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    Hello, world! So my deal as the cards go is a 28 year old male recently led to qigong and Taoist internal alchemy as the only way to save myself from undisclosed medical problems. I've been a mystic and occultist for the better part of my life but it wasn't until these medical issues and the qigong treatment and practice that I seemed to have awakened a new depth of consciousness and energetic abilities. I have a friend that frequented this board as thest0rm that I am attempting to re-establish contact with. I never used to take his TCM antics and rantings seriously at all but now I need to review his information. I am of course also looking forward to participating in this entire board community given the profoundly transforming experiences that qigong, taiji and internal alchemy have impressed on me. I also am a martial artist of the JKD path, I teach FMA and knife combatives privately under Kelly Worden's grooming. Looking forward to future interactions and mutations. And Chris, get at me on Google talk please? MMm Kay? Nergala Rava