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  1. Hello All

    When there's excess pressure on my ankles or lumbar spine. Yes, formal posture. I don't know much about the different sorts of meditation. The one that I have been hoping to try over the next few weeks is, I think, called Zuowang. If nothing else I am hoping that, with time, meditation could let me be of more use to myself and others; please recommend a specific type of meditation, or text you think would be helpful, if you do not mind. Thank you very much! I don't know much about qigong, but it seems very interesting. I have difficulties with more movement related exercises, but can begin slight meditative practices and breathing exercises; do you think these are okay introductory areas?
  2. Hello All

    Thank you very much. Immediately after reading this, I went to the Textual Studies section, I thought I would be able to comment on the Tao Teh Ching chapter discussions, and geeze... it will be a fair while until I can comment on any of them. But it's something to aspire towards, which is good.
  3. Hello All

    Hello everyone, My name is Gideon and I would be incredibly thankful if others here could help direct me towards literature about Buddhism, Hermeticism, Taoism and any literature you personally find interesting. I've had somewhat crippling medical issues since I was born, and that's left me with a childhood built entirely on literature and not experiences. That's not a complaint, reading is absolutely wonderful; trinities of beasts or otherwise abound, gorgeous skies of varying hues, marvelous architecture and otherwise remarkables... But, this is the first time I can remember where I have a handle on my medical issues, not complete, but it's enough to formally attend university next fall. I just don't know what books I should read, what schools of thought conflict with one another, which schools of thought I agree with at this time, etc... I'm still not well enough to meditate for a very long time, I just shake uncontrollably, which is why I'd be thankful if others here could recommend some literature. At this point I've read basic religious/spiritual texts through and through, but nothing beyond that point. Thank you for reading, and helping.