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  1. Qi cultivation and before that

    You are giving answers that I can make something off of them. Finding an Oak tree in modern environment is worst than needle in a haystack, and so I was thinking, since Qi can be found anywhere, I try feeling it through my surroundings. But can you also elaborate in detail about "energy exchange" and "Qi Ball"? In regards to the latter, I had the opportunity to watch YouTube videos that reveal the exercise but not sure about their credibility. 無為道人 , Tao Bum! Unfortunately, and as much as I wish for it, whether for Tai Ji, Chi Kung or Qi Gong (are the last two the same?), there is no place around where I live that I can learn this practices from, not to mention someone to practice with at all. My aim is to gather as much beginner understanding as I can from the answers that I receive, model it to a sheet of exercises and continue discussing my results and difficulties.
  2. Qi cultivation and before that

    By a "bit oak tree" you mean a small branch will suffice? Does it matter how long it has been since it is was cut? After feeling the Qi what will be the next step? Meditation? If so, why and how that should be preform?
  3. Qi cultivation and before that

    I am sorry, but I am struggling to understand.
  4. Qi cultivation and before that

    Ok, from the discussion I got a small understanding on what is Qi, the fact that since it's a natural thing there is no need to do something special before dealing with it, and a few ways to cultivate during daily living activities. But I am still eager to feel it as I feel my arm, but in its own way, feel its effect in my body and empower it just like when I empower my body through physical training. Is all of that possible? If so, how shall I get into it? 半影 Do I need to position the rest of my body as well? Should I breathe naturally? How long everyday? Should I search for the Qi or let the awareness come on its own? Is this exercise sole purpose is to raise the awareness of Qi in my body?
  5. Hello everyone. After my introduction topic I started reading a little about Taoist in the forum and other related subjects. I didn't understand most of it (sadly because some topics were removed ). Less about Taoist, more about what it teaches about one self is what I want to know. By the topic's name you can already guess with what I'm interested to start. Qi cultivation. What is it? More impotently, what is Qi and how cultivating it is done and effect us? Maybe more important, what I need to know before dealing with Qi? Since it's a part of me I want to know it and control it, but as I am now, I am no better than a baby who still can't walk yet seek to run. Therefore, please guide me.
  6. Greetings

    I am not really good in introductions but I'll try anyway... My name is Yotam, 25 years old this December (NOT YET!). In advance I would like to say that English is not my native tongue, so please bear with me. I discovered this community while searching on how to distinguish between Ying and Yang. To tell you the truth, I am still not clear what this community is all about, especially for someone like me with no background nor knowledge about anything I read so far in the forums' descriptions (or my Google search). I am merely a curious person, unbound by common logic, who stumbled upon some Qi Gong videos on YouTube. Some seemed so unreal that I questioned yet none I deemed as faked since there was no point. I am a hard worker who is willing to give his all for everything new he try, but a slow learner who will seek to understand every detail in both the hard way and the easy way, regardless which one is recommended, and then apply. For the off chance that I am in the right place, what I seek is guidance about what is Chi, what Chi is capable of, how to know which method of practicing is best suited for me and how to go at it step by step. Thank you if you made it this far, or even halfway through. Yotam.