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  1. John Chang

    Edit: NVmd forget about it.
  2. Methods to turn sleep into cultivation?

    This shows a HUGE hole in your understanding then. I would fix it if I were you. Not going to say anymore on that.
  3. There are a lot of problems with new age astrology. Like the concept of rulership, reception, or antiscia. It's also backwards - you were supposed to practice horary first. Alan Leo is at fault for corrupting astrology in the first place. If you look at sources like William Lily or Abraham ibn Ezra, you see a piece of what astrology in the West was supposed to be like. Not that psychological bullcrap that we see nowadays.
  4. Why don't you look into the tesseract and the Great Table of Enochian and it's relation to the saanir coasago?
  5. Anatomical Models

    Hm... The energy parts of the form are subtle; that is until they are not. When they are not,that is a sign that your work is becoming macrocosmic and is a proof of your work. The bodies are expressed differently depending on the model that is being used. What I just need help with is the nervous system in connection to these practices. It doesn't need to be esoteric. I already have charts, so thanks anyways.
  6. Introducing pain into meditation

    Why? Pain is a way to train compliance and discipline, not exactly an effective way to reach certain states. If you really want to bring pain into practice, set a goal. And go Liber vel Jugorum. For example, if you want to get rid of a bad habit then every time you do that action you want to break you bite your thumb as hard as possible and feel that pain. Soon, you'll stop doing that action as your brain rewires itself.
  7. Anatomical Models

    Just general things. Definitions you have noticed fitting into the frameworks of the traditions you have been learning from. For example, today we have a definition for enzymes which are a catalyst that help to create reactions in the body at a specific temperature. We know that energy imbalance, bad imbalance, can cause certain parts of the body to by more hot and 'dry' than other parts. If the brain gets to hot, then certain reactions are less efficient or cannot occur and this causes the wrong functions to occur, leading to insanity.
  8. Anatomical Models

    I am sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I have not seen any topics discussing a complete outline of a model before. If so, I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Thank you. Has anyone compiled a working model of the body that relates to our post-modern findings in neurology and etc? Or just a working model in general? I think that these views are very compatible in the sense that the average human anatomy has not changed that much in the space of a millennium, and only our techniques of study has changed throughout the ages. Really interested in stuff like this.
  9. Holy Guardian Angel

    Oh here. I found where someone said it better than me: Alternatives are devisable, but that is not what the Abramelin Operation is - mostly read the intro - it is about creating and perpetuating a magical legacy that is interactive between the living and dead magicians. Nungali - don't believe me then. It's cool. I'm only adding fuel for discussion.
  10. The Golden Chain of Homer hides the key to alchemical initiation.
  11. Favourite Hermetic & Occult Books

    Yes! Another good one is the Aurea Catena Homeri - the Golden Chain of Homer.
  12. Is that a necronomicon. It looks awesome! PS haters - even if the nec shouldn't work and is fake - it works - as it was designed by a magician.. You'll know it when you see entities that are only effected by planetary formulae.
  13. its stupid how people say visualize. When you go to the eye doctor, do they ask you to visualize the letters on the chart? Edit: Spirits don't really care how humans perceive them unless they see a potential target or meal. Read the Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic on the importance of getting the spirit in human form. What you see of the spirit is how your mind perceives it. Don't always believe what you see is what is there and if you can, peel back that layer of reality to see the truth. Don't do it for too long or you might die/ go insane; humans have filters for a reason. Angels are known for showing themselves as tall beings with 12 ft wings - because they want our measly human brains to understand the scope of their power - and they think many of us stupid lol. Meh Hey - from a practicing magician. Most information in books nowadays is usually beginner stuff because of oaths of secrecy and then there are people who don't understand what their writing about and just regurgitate stuff already on the market. So beginners are usually screwed unless they have a master or meet a kind spirit (that secretly doesn't want to fuck up your life). If you want somewhere to start, I can give that to you, but you have to understand what summoning really is. Summoning can occur in the microcosm or the macrocosm. Many people say practice the LRP, and I agree. But they wrongly believe that it will get rid of the problem when you are troubled by anything higher than a weak spirit. Its like sending yourself to the corner in kindergarten. The bullies can still follow you . Microcosmic - the spirit form is created by your mind. It is there, but you are only perceiving it. It doesn't have physical form per se. Spirits are tricky and they can let other people can see them if they wish by entering the other person's senses. Pentagrams are microcosmic; the LRP was meant to allow you to fiddle with your sensory gates (allowing you to experience or not experience spirits) according to the GD black brick (the adept papers). That means spirits can still fuck with you even if you can't experience them. Thats why its for baby magicians. Thus a good grimoire to start with is NAP - the miracle of new avatar power. Even tough it reads like a 70's infomercial, it is a microcosmic grimoire designed by a magician with ties to the canadian OTO. It is meant to compress the totality of your existence into your body such that it explodes into the and calls through the microcosm into the macrocosm - summoning a spirit. Practice Qabalistic Cross, LRP, Supreme RP, prayer, and the NAP and you should develop spirit sight sooner or later as your consciousness changes its filters. The NAP gives you the keys of hell and death which is neccessary to summon Arzel (Arze-el) who resides over the east and helps you contact the other spirits. The NAP contains a lot of secrets under it's innocent guise and to "activate" the grimoire - I recommend that you get it in paper (buy the expensive book or print a pdf) and read it out loud no matter how corny it is. Practice the gateway ritual every day - The New Avatar Power Ritual. ------ Still reading? After that, do the Arbatel de Magia Veterum. It is so elegant, and it is really the starting point in becoming a magician. Now for physical manifestation; (normal people can see it) - I can't say much more, but it has to do with pulling the yin away from the yang in the area - so the spirit can take form in the physical world. Yang outside the circle - Thaumaturgic. Yang inside the circle - theurgic. If you ever find out the trick - spirits can teach you - be careful; some magicians have scars shaped like claw marks.