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  1. Eternal youth & physical immortality

    Opinion - way too many legends and texts on the topic across the world for it to be bullshit.
  2. Is september 2015 the end ?

    The blood moon tetrad is a interesting one for sure. I think we are looking at a economic collapse pretty soon. 23rd?
  3. How to boost my energy naturally?

    Coffee enemas.
  4. Made a T-Shirt

    In an attempt to pay rent next quarter I have had to resort to various online strategies. Aside from that - I think it is cool to front Daoistic philosophy. So I drew a minimal design. If you like it, go for it. Cheers
  5. 3 Minerals

    - Lugol's Iodine - Selenium - Magnesium Citrate / Chloride (sprayform) Have had a bit of a healing journey, a little bit of qigong + fixing defiencies. Out of the three Iodine will give you back alot of things. It kills of parasites, yeast and other nasty stuff in the body. Removes halogens like chloride, fluoride, and bromide. Clears out heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and aluminum. Decalcifies the pineal gland. And the list just goes on. RDA has prescribed 150 mcg of iodine a day - which does nothing. First experience with proper dosage is intense. It can be taken transdermally, one drop on the skin. Build your way up. The recommended dosage is about 50 mg a day. At this rate it will take about 3 months to fix the defiency. Have not gotten this far yet. So start slow if you decide to re-supply the body (thyroid). There's a bit conspiracy surrounding it as big pharma started a massive crackdown and labeling it as a poison- at the same time our water supplies were becoming fluoridated. Fluoride and Iodine are both halogens. They are competing for the space in our bodies. It needs co-supplements which is selenium (most important), magnesium citrate, and vitamin c. Some Detox Symptoms: Emotionality Lethargy Acne Rash Constipation Itching Dry Mouth Kidney pain Strange feeling under skin Minor twitching and tingling Vision changes Bloating Magnesium Citrate is epic to use before a qigong session, as it works as a muscle relaxant. Energy production, oxygen uptake, electrolyte balance, central nervous system and muscle function, glucose production, and heart health depend on magnesium. 300 different enzymes in the body. Approximately 78 % of the population need more magnesium. Selenium I haven't read too much on yet, but it makes me feel good. Hope you got anything from this post.
  6. Reverse Breathing

    I tried this out when starting out almost a year ago now - came to the same conclusion that it is much more "chi push" to reverse breathing. Decided to chill until I have some mastery/depth to normal deep breathing.
  7. Thanks, had the same Japan association. Ancient China as well must have had visitors in its prime.
  8. Hey, Like the title, are there any references to these kind of things in the older texts?
  9. New 100-Day Challenge!

    Zhan Zhuang ,and Wuji (I believe its called Wuji) Standing, and Song breathing. Practice has been hard the last week, going through some sort of healing crisis. edit: Standing about 20 minutes, Song breathing 5 minutes.
  10. Pre-Heaven Qi, lost forever?

    Just watched this minutes ago: Synchronicity
  11. Pre-Heaven Qi, lost forever?

    You just disregarded all of the spiritual traditions and their vast amounts of experimentation, according to you every spiritual technique 'will not produce results' in terms of what many are looking for here. You still haven't answered my question: "Ok, so what does produce this result?" Avoiding the question will not help you once my bullshit alarm goes off Surely a simple result, has a simple answer? You can flaunt your x amounts of years of darkness training and forest living as much as you want, what good has it done if you can't answer a simple question, yet posing as a spiritual figure in posession of deeper knowledge?
  12. Pre-Heaven Qi, lost forever?

    @VonKrankenHaus I get put off the moment someone takes such a authoritarian approach, Ok, so what does produce this result?
  13. Pre-Heaven Qi, lost forever?

    @LaoZiDao Does the philosophy of your school include merit, as in having enough positive karma in order to progress in Neidan? Or is correct training the only requirement?
  14. Pre-Heaven Qi, lost forever?

    Going in celibate with meditation would heal 'latent diseases' in the body as preparation for the work. Who knows if this covers a calcified pineal gland.