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  1. Best Practices To Build And Energize Your Hara/Dantien?

    This post is off topic so most of you can ignore it, its just one im passionate about. The $7000 crystal is not mine, but owned by a friend of mine. I actually have a smaller $1000 one In line with my pocket book but its still powerful. Most people just assume its just a crystal so what? And realize a energetic resonance is contained in this exact geometric shape and don't understand the science behind them or the skill to cut them. The top diamond cuttors in world cant reproduce these and only 3 people in the world are skilled enough to cut them to have their proper energetic properies. They really can transfer and cohere Energy, and a lot of pranic healers use them or something similar. I have turned normal people into psychics with third eye openings, extracted negative entities with them(people carry energetic parasites in their auric fields), changed the structure of water. Ect. The scientist that invented them even changed the body flavor and structure of wine in a winery and almost took his special wine to market. these tools are amazing. My friend does a cool trick by structing the liquid in a soda can which removes all the co2 from the liquid. The result is a flat can of soda when you open it. Its actually pretty funny to do when you meet skeptics or when people call you a fake or a fraud because they don't understand anything about energy. But its all good, I'm happy doing what I'm doing to each their own.
  2. Best Practices To Build And Energize Your Hara/Dantien?

    I have also wondered how the dantien/hara differ from a chakra, I am able to open chakras with my energy practice, and even pointing one of my crystals at my chakras while meditating has a very mearsuable effect, just like it was mentioned above to place your hands in front of your dantien has a big effect. I feel this is because energy naturally flows out your hands through the meredian lines. Iv had chakras opened in my hands that allow the flow of energy to flow more easily, it could be used to redirect it into the dantien, but I haven't had much practice with this directly, as I have mostly focused on chakra points. I assume that doing the same charges and builds the dantien? Yet it needs to be charged with both yin and Yang chi? Just trying to clarify some questions.
  3. Best Practices To Build And Energize Your Hara/Dantien?

    Thanks guys for the detailed replies. I do breath work sessions regularly, its a hour long practice of controlled breathing in a medative state. I also practice yoga and pranayama breathing for a few years, also started qi gong activities and looking to expand with more techniques. Love ya guys.
  4. No you don't need a $7000 crystal to do magic. Anyone can do it, but they help, its simply a tool. And no I'm not selling them or trying to make people by them as it seems your mods are getting that feeling. When you project energy through the crystal they have an effect of structuring water. I'm just trying to share information iv discovered.
  5. Anyone have any great meditation, breathing, or movement exercises that work exceptionally well for them? I realize all these modalities of Qi Gong and Tai Chi ect all build this center, but Im curious what is your guys favorite?
  6. spells that always work

    Get them to hold a Vogel crystal in their hands. It does exactly that, turns a fire hose into a laser.
  7. To the sand question its about 30 degrees? http://www.ehow.com/how_6712029_calculate-angle-repose.html Personal energy is anything existing as a wave form, light, chi, ki, thoughts, emotions, feelings ect. The more open your chakras, the better you can project your energy and better you can project it through the crystal. In MT. Shasta there are all kinds of beings that exist there, but are most famously known for the Lemurians. If you open your third eye and go there, you can't miss them, and you can most certainly interact with them.
  8. They were invented about 30 years ago by a Top IBM scientest named Marcel Vogel, this man also invesnted the LCD(liquid Crystal Display) screen and is a Crystal mastermind. They amplify your thoughts. They model the Tree of life from the kabbala which can also be found in the flower of life. The female(base) end is the exact same angel as the great pyramids of giza. 51.51.51 degrees. They ampify personal energy, in the same way a ruby cohers lightways into a laser beam. They coher thought form and qi/chi/prana whatever you want to call it.They are like holding liquid light energy in the palm of your hand. Me hold a 144 sided Vogel Crystal. Approx cost $7000 http://i1369.photobucket.com/albums/ag212/mattwelkephotography/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20140925_120013_zpsmc41dsa1.jpg Me in mt shasta california summoning rainstorms and higher dimentional beings with my crystal. http://i1369.photobucket.com/albums/ag212/mattwelkephotography/Mobile%20Uploads/10678751_10152354337442544_4089155406136764390_n_zpshlocxkhq.jpg
  9. I am a rainbow warrior to heal the earth.

    Awesome great response so far. Well I was on the Alex Jones show this week. Here's a clip of me calling in. This crystal I use was invented by a IBM scientest named Marcel Vogel. Its cut with sacred geometry that amplifys thoughts like how a ruby turns light into a laser beam. If you go to the video there's a link to my website in the description and you can read about how we can affect the weather and activate people to heal the planet. I'm working with higher dimensional beings right now to help bring this knowledge to people that want to learn about this. The yransformation can be fast. 8 months ago I was disconnected from awareness of energy and spirituality.
  10. I am a rainbow warrior to heal the earth.

    Hello everyone. I can open peoples chakras with my energetic practices. Recently I began traveling to California to open the root chakra of the earth. I use a magic crystal that was invented by a IBM scientist to manifest rain storms in California. I'd love to share my experiences here and talk to others like me here.