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  1. Man has only to know himself

    I think it begins with honesty.
  2. Why do you worry about these things? They're irrelevant. They have no authority to impede upon your life or impose themselves upon you, in any way. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I think there is of unnecessary fear coming from this thread regarding this matters. Live, but live in consciousness of yourself. Then, live in dominance of yourself. Do you forget that your essence is a ray of the infinite? That is all.
  3. Magic, however fascinating, is ultimately irrelevant in the climb towards reunion with the Principle, which is the source of all magic itself. In my mind these practices are great tools for growth and further showcase the glory of the Principle, but should never be esteemed above the Principle. That said, I have real respect for those individuals who truly understand the divine science and use it for noble purposes. Many don't.
  4. Hmm... I have some thoughts I'd like to share. Wisdom is knowledge unbound by the temporal, by the material and by circumstance. Virtue is excellence of character. There is a quote that sticks to my mind that I feel is pertinent to this topic. "Knowledge without Justice should may as well be called Cunning, rather than Wisdom." I believe that wisdom is a higher function of mind which does not originate purely in the intellect, whereas knowledge is the lower function ruled by the intellect. Understanding this, it seems fair to say that there is such a thing as a perverse or 'dark' wisdom, and that wisdom can be abused. But then would it really be wisdom? Who's to say that this isn't simply an understanding of the higher things, not a knowing of them? What is mystical progression? Simple exercise in man's extrasensory perceptions and higher states of being? Strengthening magical capacity? Knowing would imply a change in Being within the individual. Understanding is but knowledge that is stagnant unless translated into action. To address the latter part of the opening post made by Trunks, I believe that to reach the purity of the Tao one must work on refining the Te. Integrity is the foundation for all other practice, mystical or otherwise. To have a strong character is to be a proper vessel for the Tao... imo.
  5. mystical poetry thread

    my brother once asked what it was like I said it was like an onion because Cut into it and it brings you to tears Eat it and it is potent, many health benefits! Go see a friend afterwards and speak it They'll immediately recognize the smell It makes words pungent Because nobody likes a person who speaks too much with the smell of onion They don't like how it smells. you only smell like it if you eat it though Brothers of mine, I think it to be like an onion.
  6. That wasn't the point I was trying to make. What makes objective reality objective? What makes sentiment subjective? There are people that say we create reality as we go along by virtue of our conscious experiencing and perceiving. There are people who say the universe is mechanistic and that we are plopped here in this vast and static universe that ignores any human feeling or opinion. Who is right? Aren't there things that are so potent in their objectivity/subjectivity that they illicit an overwhelmingly common subjective or objective reaction in human beings? How much of a mountain are we able to subjectify? Can we say "this mountain isn't really there, it's simply hard and dense and that is why we feel it." How much of a mountain's 'nature' so to speak are we able to make subjective? To make mutable by personal opinion and sentiment? The hardness of the mountain is an objective reality we cannot control (except through eventual mastery of the material through science and whatnot). We know as intelligent beings that all is ultimately impermanent. Everything is constantly changing form. Some things transform slowly over the course of centuries, others, over the course of a human life. That being said, are we in any position to defy the truth of the mountain; that it is a hard and impassable thing and we will break our bodies against it if we attack it? No. My point is there are things that we can make subjective by way of sentiment and personal perception, that we can change and generate meaning to within ourselves, that can be made different by collective human consent, and there are things that have meaning beyond our ability to make subjective. The things that create or posses their own meaning and are beyond our scope to change. ...I think. Bahahaha. Excellent thread. edit: small typo
  7. Hello everyone. thought I'd share my perspective on the topic. The lives of things are reliant on particular set patterns found in the universe, from this we define objectivity. We define objectivity from their (apparent) permanence. As you all know, objectivity and subjectivity are inseparable as they are two ends of 'Being'. Things can be objectively subjective or subjectively objective, it of course depends on who's doing the perceiving... really, the experiencing. In the grand drama of life, all things are subjective beneath the "Ultimate Reality;" being God, the Tao, the Truth, or whatever you want to call it. I think, and this may be a stretch, that there are degrees of objectivity in descending order from the Ultimate Reality's emanations. We define something as objective, by how much of it is able to be subjected by, well, subjectivity. Mutability and Immutability. In some instances, things can be exceedingly subjective, or exceedingly objective, to the point where human minds *must* confess to it's objectivity or subjectivity. This too, depends on the perception of the experiencer.
  8. Haiku Chain

    Sled gone bad, big time Laying in snow, bigger time Lips lock, endless time
  9. Happy to be here

    Greetings everyone I seek knowledge and hope to refine my skill. While my background is more in esotericism, I hope to learn much from you all as well as be able to teach, at least a little bit. Cheers and thanks to whoever created the site!