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  1. Hey everyone! I’ve been a long time lurker on these forums and have repeatedly looked for answers to certain questions I’ve had for a very long time and found few answers to. I was hoping to open the topic of experiencing and feeling *others* energy and emotions, because this is my biggest „problem” and something I often contend against. Perhaps it will be if assistance to others. Maybe something that amplifies this is my being female, and noticing the forum is primarily male. I was not born with this ability however it came quickly, after about a year of regular practice. As an adolescent, I felt these emotions very strongly. I would walk in to a room and feel any strong emotions there were. They were overwhelming and exhausting. When I made a personal connection with someone, I would feel their entire emotional state, especially males. For me, it is very easy to feel male *qi* and then emotions if I choose to delve deeper however in the beginning the qi came with the emotions, physically being present in my body and my havinng to „chase” it out. Male energy, in my experience, is much more penetrating and invasive, and predominantly has a burning quality, which has scared me before, for fear of it being evil qi (perhaps someone has experiences relating to the quality of male qi vs negative qi. Perhaps negative qi of that nature is more naturally yang). When it comes to emotions of women, I’ll typically feel an emotion, more subtle and closer to my own, and it takes me time to notice small things about it that make me realize it is not my own. Perhaps this is the nature of women’s emotions or perhaps because I am a woman the energy is more similar to my own. Typically woman’s energy also is much much more subtle and harder to distinguish than my own, and is felt more as emotion. I have been living with an elderly female family member, whose heart bleeds emotion (impatience and turmoil) after surviving a life time of strife and hardship, and never having dealt with these emotions. Around her, especially in the mornings if I have not had a chance to ground myself with physical exercise/meditation/prayer, I find myself very impatient and irritated, although these are not my emotions (and she truly makes every effort to disguise them). Recently, I’ve realized the only way to protect myself from these emotions is to fill the heart center with love, perhaps causing the vessel to be filled with a higher feeling and not allowing anything external to enter. I’ve also found „living out of” my dantien to help protect me from others emotions before I realized this, by allowing them all to pass me through. Primarily, unless I focus on this, I live out of my heart center. These are my experiences. If anyone would like to share their own in the name of self growth, it would be appreciated. I hope perhaps my experiences will help another on their path. Blessings PS. Also, I’ve noticed after many years of meditation I can simply sit around and completely experience the world without thinking makes me a worse conversationalist Anyone else?
  2. I've been practicing pretty regularly for a year and then some now. A few times a week usually though there have been rare periods where I'd go a week or two without meditating. I've done the microcosmic orbit and general cultivation of qi such as absorbing through the feet and crown and focusing on the dan tien. I feel a moving sensation there so I assumed that was it seeping out. As I've increased my practice these last few days (making it daily instead of every other day or so) it's increased. It does feel a bit like bubbling now that you mention it. Generally my focus is pretty weak so my sessions are between 30 minutes to an hour. I'm generally a bit tired because I've been pretty sedentary of late, I sleep an average of 5 hours a night (I have a full time desk job with a long commute as well as housework) but I generally have good energy levels. I attribute any fatigue I may feel to the few hours of sleep I'm getting. These last few days I have been focusing on getting more rooted.
  3. I can feel most of my qi seeping out through my feet in the very middle of the food, in front of the arch. How do you stop this? It's a very unsettling feeling have qi constantly escaping from there throughout the day.... Thank you for your help!
  4. somatech thank you! I'll try that! I don't focus on my entire body usually. I guess I should just 'feel'. ] What is the Taoist Ruler? I feel like I'm trying hard but I just can't go very far. There's only so hard I can try before it stops and I can try any harder, like a dog running on a rope and the rope keeping him from running as far as he'd like.
  5. I've done the microcosmic orbit and that takes a lot of focus but I hit a wall where I can't focus anymore after about 20 minutes. I dive right on into it. I've also tried just sitting there. I've done some chakra stuff (focusing on them and feeling a feeling that is associated with a particular one.) I don't really do any moving meditation. I've done some standing meditations and a similar thing would happen. Maybe I'm too 'there' and not 'aware' XP I do tend to focus on this feeling I associate with qi (everything moving up) and that's how I think its a good session. I don't really focus my awareness as much as I should so that could probably be it. I do have a desk job where I sit all day. Excess sitting? I like to exercise but I really don't do anywhere near as much as I should (I'd say once or twice a week going for a run, stretching 5-10 minutes a day at work), since I get home and I'm tired. I wake up, and I'm tired.
  6. I've been practicing for about a year now and I'm barely sensitive to qi or anything that comes with it. If I focus really hard I can feel things. I also have a problem with stomach qi stagnation (TCM) which might be impeding in that. I have been pretty ungrounded lately but its something I am working on. Maybe that's what it is? What is 'sensitivity'? How is it achieved? Is it dependent on how open you are or how much qi you have? I also get sleepy really easily when I meditate and I have difficulty focusing, especially for time frames longer than 20 minutes. Thank you!
  7. Hello

    Hi. My name is Julie and I've been practicing for a few months now. In the past this forum has helped me greatly so I finally took the step and stopped becoming a lurker and start contributing something (if I can of course!) Nice you meet all of you guys! I look forward to working with all of you!