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  1. Taoist Tai Chi Society?

    Hi every1. Just my two cents. I have tried the TTCS Arts and they seem to be very much in line with the principles and practices Master Moy promoted. There is a rich and thorough lineage of Taichiquan in Master Moy's moves. I come from a Traditional Taekwondo background, and, as such, I have found that every one of the 108 moves Master Moy put together have a martial application (perhaps not everyone is aware of it in the beginning) and perhaps not everyone in the end is interested in the Martial application of what the founder intended the 108 moves to be. But, fact of the matter is the soft art is very conducive to a healthier, more balanced state of mind and body. So far, I have a lot of respect for Master Moy's vision and accomplishments. Seems to me that, as a Martial Artist, we are not to bash other styles or forms that develop a body, mind and soul that is healthy and aware of the principles martial artists are supposed to live by... Thank you. Keung ye!
  2. Hello everyone...

    Thank you soaring crane...
  3. Hello everyone...

    Hi, I am Ed and I am new to Taoism. I started practicing Tai-Chi not too long ago, and am very curious about Taoism, Confucianism and, Buddhism. I studied Theravaddan Buddhism on my own for about 3 years. I also come from a Martial Arts background... I am looking forward to reading and posting here. Peace, Ed