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    Hello to all. I joined Tao Bums in my ongoing search for information on Mo Pai Kei Kung. As a relatively new member I have yet to scan all the posted comments but from what I have read it seems many of our your members share my frustration on the lack of authoritative information regarding specific instruction on Mo Pai Nei Kung meditative and breathing techniques. After reading The Magus of Java and watching the videos of John Chang I was thrilled to discover that Kosta Danaos had written a second book which was described as providing more detailed information on Mo Pai Nei Kung. Although I consider Nei Kung - The Secrets of a Warrior Sage to be an excellent outline of the Mo Pai Nei Kung world view both from a philosophical and scientific perspective, anyone as impressed as I was by the radical concepts presented would naturally want to take the next step and begin training. Unfortunately I have yet to find an authoritative source on how to do that. Actually it is possible that in my search I have already stumbled across a legitimate source of information on Mo Pai Nei Kung meditative and breathing techniques but was unable to recognize it as authoritative. Hopefully someone on this site has posted or will in the future post some guidance on how to begin. Thank you for accepting me as a member.