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    Hello, I recently got very interested in qigong mostly because I am on a journey to heal my body, I'm currently 27 year old, But already quite a few problems with allergic rhinitis, for over 10 years, chronic back/spine pain, loosened up esophagus chronic stomach, acid reflux, hypothyroidism, high uric acid, I'm often sick and easily getting a cold or flu. so I'm on a healing journey while I'm at an age when I should be at the peak of my professional career. Few years ago I have started my journey from the diet/natural path/nutritional side of things, but it seems that have reached its limit, although I have numerous improvements from my problems, now I want to take it further. I'm a Chinese american, currently living in Tianjin, and I have heard of Mo pai recently and got extremely interested in knowing more about it, I'm also very interested to meet any individuals with similar interests if you're not too far away to get together for some group meditation.