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  1. Introduction of me with a bunch of questions

    Stosh.... When you said, Meditation is restorative , destruction of the self is , self destructive. Can you elaborate on that, it is not clear to me. When you say Meditation is restorative, I understand that it is healthy, but when you say it further that it is self destructive, I am lost.
  2. Introduction of me with a bunch of questions

    The question is.... Is the EGO the disease, and the cure is to get rid of it through mediation? I'm at the point where I know that the SELF is very tricky to dissolve... How can the SELF get rid of SELF?
  3. I can feel and know that it is fact that the body can be develop and knowledge can accumalate over time but... is there such a "thing" as a spiritual development or is it a mere accumalation and the further development of the SELF and/or just intellectual rubbish? Can mediation be a way of escape and can it be a way to better the self even further by killing it and be reborn to become a bigger self?