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  1. Hey everyone. I need a bit of recommendation. I recently got out of a 6 year long mentally/physically/emotionally abusive relationship with a sociopath who, I'm also concern has something on them (Like a spiritual parasite of some kind perhaps). I tried to tell him when we were still together to try and cleanse himself just in case he has a spiritual parasite, and he violently protested. After he learned a little about how to control energy within the body, he started "playfully" siphoning sexual energy from me during intercourse. He said he liked seeing me powerless/in an easy to take advantage of state as a result of siphoning the energy I would let off during sex. He would also say "Drinking it in" was very pleasurable for him. Eventually he lost interest in me due to suffering from ED. We would only have sex when he would be having a "Sexomnia" attack. He would wake up in the middle of the night and have very aggressive sex with me. Then either fall asleep and not remember what he did the next morning. Or wake up half way through and ask where he was/how did we end up like this. He would collapse and say his body was in incredible pain if he woke up during "sleep sex". I would always feel very drained after this kind of sex as well. I thought nothing of it until I was sent to the ER in a rushing ambulance for mysterious paralyzation in everything below the neck. I received endless testing, they never found the cause. We obviously couldn't have sex for awhile after that event. And as a result, I got movement back gradually. I mention this event because I know for sure he can do damage. energetically. I got with someone who broke up with their girlfriend to be with me. The girlfriend was also pretty emotionally abusive/violent, possibly schizophrenic. Unfortunately, after me and my boyfriend got together, both our ex's got together with some people who know some things and now they've made a kind of "legion of doom". I never made an attack of any kind, or my boyfriend. But we feel a bit drained on a regular basis. We honestly don't even talk to anyone in their social group. I'm worried we're being psychically attacked. We wear obsidian crystals, and we both practice Kunlun. I'm not sure if there's anything else we can be doing for protection from attacks from a distance. Dose anyone have any recommendations? I know they practice speaking to fairy creatures of some sort and other things they conjure using circles. My boyfriends ex, got with a girl who believes she's a reincarnated fairy queen. She claims one of the fairy guides she speaks with actually told her that my boyfriend and I should stop practicing Kunlun, or we would attract a demon that would use the St Louis arch as a portal into this realm. The demon would then attack her and her lover. One person from their social circle was attempting to bring characters from their own stories to life using conjuring circles. Should I even be concern? Am I just being paranoid? ¯\(°_o)/¯ Maybe we just need more caffeine..?
  2. Hey everyone! Someone very close to me recommended I post here on Taobums about a very interesting phenomenon that I experience regularly. I love art! I especially love drawing. I also normally have a very low body temperature, even on hot days. When I draw, I feel heat crawl down from the top of my head, and up from my tailbone simultaneously. Then heat ripples outward from my spine through my body. I can't go for very long in this state without a drink of water. In this time, I usually get extremely aroused for no reason. I also shake violently. My legs bounce uncontrollably, and I've come very close to spontaneously climaxing a few times. I usually listen to music while I draw. Sometimes while drawing I also remember very vivid deep dreams I've had in the past that I had forgotten during deep sleep. I forgot to mention I'm also female. I don't know if that makes a difference. The results are sometimes very monstrous and flowing. I've used my art to promote bands before. Here are some examples of results of this state of creation. Dose anyone have any take on what occurs? Or if the imagery has any meaning? The black and white snake one I drew when I was very young. I am 20 now. These images range from back when I was 10. Thank you to anyone who views and perhaps offers some insight I appreciate it greatly!
  3. Hi everyone!

    Hi Tao Bums! I've been a lurker for a long time and just recently decided to make an account I hope to find some insight here!