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  1. Maiden post from a spiritual seeker

    I'm guessing this site got inspiration for its lovely name from The Dharma Bums, which seemed to me a coincedence to great to pass on. I found this site while searching for the spiritual benefits of celibacy. As you may have guessed, I've started a quest of semen rentention. It is something I've wanted to try for a long time, but it is also something difficult to pull off. What really pushed me into the effort, I'm 7 days into it, was reading The Dharma Bums, which also got me back into regular meditation. Around the age of 20, I meditated regularly and researched different teachings. I went to a free lecture from people spreading the word of Sant Kirpal Singh and the mantra they give to people has stuck with me, although I never used the sound meditation. Anyway, I had some great breakthroughs right away with their teachings (and a touch of help from some hallucinogens from time to time). It all definitely helped me open my third eye. As time will do, however, I strayed from the regular practice of meditation, although I certainly regularly put myself in a meditative state of mind in activities like playing music. Now, I'm 37, and as I mentioned, getting back into regular meditation, and I hope a deep exploration of my spirituality. I have an indrotuctory knowledge of Taoism and Buddhism and would love to increase my knowledge. I also just want to interact with people who share a similar pursuit and have had similar spiritual experiences.