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  1. Depression with Semen Retention

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies and concern. It is all very helpful and what I was looking for and what I didn't even know I was looking for. I'm going to start looking into some of the suggested methods and techniques. I think I'll start with qigong and neigong, which I know nothing about. As for the whys and wherefores, I wanted to amplify my spirituality and take control of my body and mind. If this could help me dig deeper in my meditations, I was all for it. I feel and think I've had a healthy sex life and relationship with masturbation. Although at times it probably was a bit excessive. To that end I'd prefer not to be controlled by the need to ejaculate. I don't want sexual desire to drive me or occupy my thoughts. It is an insatiable desire and feels like a needless waste of time and energy. Just something to fill the void which only makes the void bigger. There doesn't seem to be much seperating it from an addiction. It's just another thing that can keep me from being content in a moment because its a voice inside that tells oneself more is needed. Thanks again to everyone who has replied!
  2. Depression with Semen Retention

    I've been attempting semen retention. I made it as far as 9 days. I would have a setback and then try to start a new streak. This was going on for about a month. I stopped because I started getting morbidly depressed. I'd have near panic attack spells where I'd fixate on death and death as a final death to the soul. I've had periods of depression in my life before but not like that. It's been 5 days since I've gone back to my regular pattern of ejaculations and that depression and existential angst has improved. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions for me to help channel the energy to a more beneficial place? During my experiment, I was doing mantra meditations once or twice a day for roughly 20 minutes.
  3. Maiden post from a spiritual seeker

    I'm guessing this site got inspiration for its lovely name from The Dharma Bums, which seemed to me a coincedence to great to pass on. I found this site while searching for the spiritual benefits of celibacy. As you may have guessed, I've started a quest of semen rentention. It is something I've wanted to try for a long time, but it is also something difficult to pull off. What really pushed me into the effort, I'm 7 days into it, was reading The Dharma Bums, which also got me back into regular meditation. Around the age of 20, I meditated regularly and researched different teachings. I went to a free lecture from people spreading the word of Sant Kirpal Singh and the mantra they give to people has stuck with me, although I never used the sound meditation. Anyway, I had some great breakthroughs right away with their teachings (and a touch of help from some hallucinogens from time to time). It all definitely helped me open my third eye. As time will do, however, I strayed from the regular practice of meditation, although I certainly regularly put myself in a meditative state of mind in activities like playing music. Now, I'm 37, and as I mentioned, getting back into regular meditation, and I hope a deep exploration of my spirituality. I have an indrotuctory knowledge of Taoism and Buddhism and would love to increase my knowledge. I also just want to interact with people who share a similar pursuit and have had similar spiritual experiences.