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  1. I do none, yet none is not done.

    Many Thanks to the Source which supplied the fuel to the souls who have created this wonderful web and site! I have read the pinned posts and the terms and rules, and will do my best to uphold their merit. I'm not from this planet and at this time can not remember my home exactly, but the phrase "I do none, yet none is not done," has always comforted me. The linear reason of this planet's consciousness has the same difficultly with this phrase, that I do with all their bureaucratic institutions. I'm searching for a T-shirt which reads, "People before paper!" The Tao's greatness is infinitely limitless, I am blessed to share Its Love here, with you. My only hope for this site is the sharing of many smiles, and so a joke, one of my favorites: A man becomes shipwrecked in the Pacific. Left floating on a board, he turns down three recue offers by passing ships saying, "The Lord will save me." Then, a week later, he dies. When the man comes to stand before the Creator, he asks, "Why didn't you save me Lord." "I sent three ships!!!" The Tao is constantly sending ships to save us. I look forward to my ride on this one here. Thanks be with Tao! Thanks be with you!!