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  1. Learn to become a fully orgasmic being on a solo cultivated level. Make sure the partner you are involved with cultivates to this level. Join in a sacred union when the both of you are at the same level. A natural flow will happen , a sexual energetic orbit between you , do not chase for orgasm. When we do not seek orgasm the energy will wash over in healing waves and take us into beautiful realms of connectedness , healing and expansion. The cultivated female has a beautiful gift for the male and the cultivated male has beautiful gift for the female, way beyond a physical emission. Do not try to work with a partner who does not cultivate.
  2. Greetings from Shen-Joy

    Hi everyone at the Tao bums. I am the creator of the Shen-Joy self healing system and I look forward to partaking in this forum and discussing the Tao and all that it entails. Best wishes all Shen-Joy self healing