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  1. Depression with Semen Retention

    Hi , I would suggest learning to become orgasmic on a non ejaculatory level. This means you retain a lot more energy than normal but also enjoy a blissful release of blockages on the emotional, mental and physical level. I am currently half way through the first Shen-Joy book entitled Healing through ecstasy and it is a down to earth practical guide to first becoming multi-orgasmic then fully orgasmic in a non ejaculatory manner and also in a meditative state.
  2. Wanting to cultivate sexual energy/presence

    Hi , If you want to build your masculine energy then I would suggest a typical practice over a form of energetics unless you can find your self a good teacher. Body weight Exercise , weights , club bells or kettle bells , testosterone builders. Make sure to practice grounding as well. Breathing exercises. As for sexual energy and practices , never force anything , the key to this type of practice is surrender. I am half way through writing the first Shen-Joy book called healing through ecstasy and this is a practical down to earth guide on becoming aware of your body , then learning to activate the p or g spot , then becoming multi orgasmic and then fully orgasmic. These are non ejaculatory methods.
  3. Learn to become a fully orgasmic being on a solo cultivated level. Make sure the partner you are involved with cultivates to this level. Join in a sacred union when the both of you are at the same level. A natural flow will happen , a sexual energetic orbit between you , do not chase for orgasm. When we do not seek orgasm the energy will wash over in healing waves and take us into beautiful realms of connectedness , healing and expansion. The cultivated female has a beautiful gift for the male and the cultivated male has beautiful gift for the female, way beyond a physical emission. Do not try to work with a partner who does not cultivate.
  4. The only way to multiple orgasms is from semen retention?

    For me personaly, not ejaculating brings a lot of benefits , especially in regards to full body energetic orgasm. The orgasmic potential builds and builds whilst retaining but I am not talking about the 100 day retention or so , more like 3 to 4 weeks , if the energy gets too strong or you feel the need to release you simply ejaculate and clear the pipes. These days I feel little need to ejaculate for pleasure but moslty health reasons. Once you become fully orgasmic the energy that you surrender to is beautifully healing for the body, mind and spirit not to mention the energy body , clearing stagnation , releasing tension , shiting depression and anxiety. The healing through ecstasy practice in Shen-Joy is a solo meditative practice that cultivates and opens a true joy and bliss throughout and instills a deep sense of true self love that has personally helped me overcome depression , anxiety , alcoholism and more.
  5. Greetings from Shen-Joy

    Hi everyone at the Tao bums. I am the creator of the Shen-Joy self healing system and I look forward to partaking in this forum and discussing the Tao and all that it entails. Best wishes all Shen-Joy self healing