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  1. Are thogal visions nimittas?

    Ngondro is a Tibetan invention. But the practices of prostrations, Vajrasattva recitation, mandala offering, etc, are Indian. What's Asian and not Indian is setting up a Herculean number of each to complete. Remember this Herculean number to complete was the Tibetan accomodation for the Herculean feats Indian masters imposed before teaching, like jumping off of cliffs or living for years on an island in the middle of a poison lake infested by starving dogs. If you think karma will not throw up huge obstacles despite your best efforts to avoid them you will come to wish a master had forced you into hard labor instead. This is the tantric approach of putting yourself in the masters hands. In dzogchen, the master puts you in control. That doesn't make it any easier.
  2. you won't meet a teacher in your dream unless you want to; there must be that connection; my teachers are happy with my report of my experience
  3. For me it was like seeing with my own eyes.
  4. Are thogal visions nimittas?

    They do. They are the fire and wind element metabolism, mixed w earth, food, water, blood and awareness, space. These refine into colored lights. Seeing these colors rigpa arising from the basis. Herein lies the magic.
  5. It was a clear appearance. Like a first person shooter,meeting different beings. Then realizing these were iterations of reflections.
  6. Are thogal visions nimittas?

    Yes this is. But also talks about this in the Upa-Kilesa Sutta. Buddha talks about beautiful forms. And what stops the beautiful forms are all the hopes and fears related to samsara. But that if one can remove all those hindrances then the beautiful forms don't stop. And this is enlightenment. But there is no distant instruction about this forms as such. It's full import does not begin to be described until the inner dzogchen tantras. The Theravada meditation manuals talk about kalapas. Dots of light. This is becoming a more Yangti flavor.
  7. Yes you get it. I had number theory teacher who was a strong proponent of Sankara. Specifically he believed there was an absolute ground of being. Mathematicians think of the world of mathematics as a separate and distinct objective world. Smart people can manage many views. Even contradictory ones. Yes because in the final analysis the mind has no basis means we muck it up or clear it up. We are doing it either way. Practicing daily mindfulness is very helpful. If you keep in mind that root of action is in the mind, and that actions have consequences with strong moral and ethical implications on many levels, One will feel more motivated to keep up to speed on what is happening in the mind. When the meditation is on cause-and-effect the mind becomes very motivated to keep up to speed on everything going on within itself.
  8. Free of suffering can make you high a little for a while. Imagine you have on your boots too tight overnight. In the morning your feet are sore. So you take off your boots. You get a sudden rush of pleasure. But it is only the pain leaving the feet. The body senses pain leaving as pleasure. This is one of the illusions. In subtle form there is a pleasantness known as absence of pain. Awakened beings know this can become a wrong turn in meditation. It's not the awakened state. The awakened state is what knows this was because of boots on too long. that sudden realization about the source of suffering.
  9. I'm still okay with defending myself using force. But I try to use my personality to defend me first. As they say one friend is one less enemy.
  10. Problems with practicing alone

    Look at who is dreaming and why.
  11. Definitely love Kung Fu. Lifetime of passion for martial arts. I didn't get to learn enough internal style. My Dzogchen interest was something I didn't talk about until a recent meeting with my teacher. I want to say more but even today I had my screen freeze when I tried. I take this as a sign to say less.
  12. He travels too. I have practiced for my whole life.
  13. My practice is day and night practice of yangti.
  14. A teacher Taklung Tsetrul. I have the transmissions and experience.