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  1. New here, saying hello...

    Thanks Chang and SC, I've read the T&C, and I agree that they make common sense. I've been experimenting with retension and total abstinence for a while and am looking forward to the 'real progress' you talk about (and I am a real person - lol). In the past, using only semen retention (and lots of will power and discipline), when I reached somewhere between 30-40 days, I simply lost my semen almost involuntarly, i.e. I was pleasuring, breathing, etc, but ejaculated almost spontaneously. This happened on two different occasions. On feeling the loss of energy, I was even more motivated to go without a loss for a longer period. This is why I am trying celicacy, i.e. no direct stimulation and pleasuring. I move the energy that builds up with self massage and some deep breathing. This is working so far. As I said, I'm currently single and have a vision that the next time I have sex will be with a new partner and in a loving context with her. Ff.
  2. New here, saying hello...

    Hi all, just joined here, although I've been reading posting for a while now and have found it interesting. I'm mainly interested in preserving my sexual energy. I'm single at the moment but I feel I've ejaculated far too much in the past. Doing this has often left me lethargic and disinterested in life in general. When I remain continent, I feel 100% better. In the past, I've strived to enjoy my body and 'save myself' but only with limited success. At the moment, I'm practically celibate, only having pleasured twice in the last 40 odd days and not for almost 20 days now. I have never felt more alive and I am doing this voluntary and in a positive frame of mind. I'm interested to hear from anyone who is doing the same thing and what their experiences were. How long is it usual to stay celibate for? What does returning to sexual activity feel like, i.e. is it different, better, etc? What should I expect if I remian celibate for say 3 months? Basically, I want a better relationship and experience with my own sexuality and eventually with a shared sexuality with a future partner. Ff.