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  1. The fire of awareness

    In light of tao, the comment comes somewhere in between without affinity towards either end. I guess you're meant to take it however you want to take it.
  2. The fire of awareness

    You are very down to earth my friend.
  3. The fire of awareness

    Truly, at your age, perhaps it will be hard. The fire will cause you to feel your body shake and tremble... It will feel uncomfortable! A thing to avoid, but truly, the fire must break down the blockages and cleanse the body. The fire must be cooling. Done with correct breathing you will feel your body cool and tingly, light and airy. The fire does not burn!
  4. The fire of awareness

    Perhaps I do not know a thing... But my experience tells me otherwise!
  5. The fire of awareness

    Truly time is nothing if one knows what must be done. Do you know the energy that flows upward? The one that causes giddiness and causes you to see the world in quickness? In complete appraisal? This you must chase endlessly. This is living in the moment completely. This is shedding the wandering mind. To become immortal one must have mastery through mind. You can do much for yourself in the remaining time. Just maintain the fire!
  6. The fire of awareness

    It's important! Maintain the fire outside of worldly experience and that is the beginning of alchemy. Constant fire tempers the awareness, deepens the awareness. Over a long time, if maintained, you will gain something vital and it will be like adding great strength to the legs of a decrepit old lady whose legs were once weak. They will become strong and be able to climb mountains. The fire is the lightness of your step!
  7. The fire of awareness

    In my experience, this is the key to my success and my progress. The fore will often give one a headache and will probably give you a stomach ache. It'll make you tingle and shiver, and feel in the moment. Who has experienced this and knows what I speak of?
  8. I know this is Taoism but

    Truly and verily! In what sense does a view constitute a you? In what sense, truly, is there a viewer and a view? Even the ten thousand things are unseen. For one who see's without seeing has seen the Tao. One who's being has relinquished all contrivances see's without seeing. One who has become like the flame of emptiness, the lightning of awareness ever radiates the horizan and shakes the world with it's thunder. Become like a fire in the depths of the ocean.
  9. I know this is Taoism but

    Who sees the unseen?
  10. I know this is Taoism but

    The Tao is supreme. Do I see it through the ten thousand, the three, the two, the one?
  11. I know this is Taoism but

    Who is there? Is there anyone? I do not see... A single person! I do not see...
  12. I know this is Taoism but

    Who are you?
  13. I know this is Taoism but

    Reality allows and disallows?
  14. I know this is Taoism but

    Wow is that what you think innocence is? What is one reality compared to two?