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    Thanks guys! I don't know what BKA is, but I did find out about this place from lurking on AYP. Thanks dogson, I'll look those things you posted! I probrably could use some healthy fats. With supplements I always found that some had a nice noticeable effect at first but then shortly seemed to do nothing after a week of use.
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    Hello, I'm here and I have mastered the art of stopping mind chatter. I'm only half joking. Really, I'm good at using meditation to fall asleep. And if I'm not asleep I'm often in a dull stupor. Ussually after a nap is about the only time when that's not quite the case, but I can't always have time for a nap before every time before meditating. Sleep hours aren't terrible, but there is room for improvement. Anyways, I hope to learn how to cultivate a calm alertness. I've noticed some success breathing in quickly (as well as a slow exhale). I'm gradually becomeing a little more aware of when I will pass out, and regulating it with a sharper 'in' breath is helping me extend that drop off while going deeper.