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  1. FR~EE Ebook ... "Neiye, Inner Cultivation"

    Although I've carried a copy of the Tao Te Ching, or Laotse, for years, I just ran across a copy of NieYeh in a local used book store. This particular copy is called "Original Tao" by Harold Roth, and contains an excellent explanation of where this fits into Taoist literature (in the author's opinion, of course, but I agree with him) as an accompanying manual to the Laotse and, later, Chuangtse. As JustARandomPanda points out, this is an instruction manual. I consider it VERY Zen ... it sticks to the practical, not the fluff. Interesting that the translator of this poem calls the Way (or the One, Tao, Dao) Way in verses 4 and 5 but Dao in verse 6. The same character, Dao, is used in all three cases in the copy from the Huang Chu, at least. Which doesn't detract at all from the beauty or accuracy of the work, just confused me at first
  2. FR~EE Ebook ... "Neiye, Inner Cultivation"

    Great job; very artistic choice of fonts, and I like the translation so far ... I just started reading and wanted to speak out while my enthusiasm is still high. Thanks for this work
  3. I just happened onto this site

    I found this site by Googling 'Nie Yeh' ... it corrected my spelling. I have been dedicating my focus to Daoist meditation since I retired, so the discussions here are quite stimulating. I'm rather new to some of the concepts of internal geometry, but excited that some are daring to make an attempt to "map out" the world on the other side of our eyeballs and ears! I remember all my attempts to get answers to internal questions always resulted in either a "you CRAZY, boy" or "go read the bible" when I was a child. Years later, when I started reading some of the serious discussions about consciousness (such as David Chalmers) I became interested in meditation and dug out my copy of the Tao Te Ching from the 60s, but didn't get as much help as I needed. Then I recently found a copy of "Original Tao" in a bookstore. I felt a fire starting under myself to TRY the techniques involved. Now I sit (often with an EEG and a HeartMath analyzer attached) for hours a day, practicing, practicing, practicing. I have my ups and downs. My ability to hold sustained meditation is increasing slowly. I also notice a calming effect that just can't be denied (* I am currently about 6 months into benzodiazepine detox, and the withdrawals are: everything that ISN'T calm *) and it may just save my life. And finding this site was a definite high point for me today. I'll be reading more over the next few days before I try to "jump in" to any threads. Namaste CommonmanBob