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  1. Mo Pai Discussion, anyone?

    In my opinion, I think the MoPai discussion should be banned from the forum, because only the people who are against it have to the right to talk, the other side is not allowed to share their opinion or correct the mistakes about the practice or at least defend it, which is unfair for them, so remove it from the forum, make a rule that is no longer allowed to discuss it from both sides anywhere on this website, and automatically put the threads that discuss it. Alea.
  2. Meditation

    Hello Everybody =) Hello, my name is Alea, and I’m 23 years old, I have been interested in meditating a while now, I have been doing a lot of reading about it, and I would love to discuss with other what happens with meditation, and how you know you’re meditating the right way, and maybe learn new techniques. Thank you.[media][/media]