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  1. Hello my brothers, my name is Paul

    I have seen all posts from the perspective of an outsider on these boards. While harsh language was used on th other site, I feel it is only being done due to the frustration they feel due the the moderators bias against Mo Pai on this site. I believe if everyone, Mo Pai included, were given equal treatment here that maybe things wouldn't have devolved as they did. All I ask is that you give both sides of this debate equal footing here. Mo Pai should be allowed to discuss their ways, without fear of banishment. I've said what I came to say. I wish you all well.
  2. Hello my brothers, my name is Paul

    My intent is to only keep things positive. I will speak to MPG and see if I can council with him about these things.
  3. I am a supporter of Mo Pai, and I wish to reach out to those of you who disagree with our ways. I realize we have different beliefs, but they are minor compared to all that we all believe in together. I have been watching, and learning, on these boards for quite a while. I have been traveling all over Central America teaching the backpackers and locals the ways of Mo Pai. I have not had much time to post on here, but I do enjoy reading and learning. One of my friends, whom I met a while back, used to post on here as More_Pie_Guy. I am sad to see he is no longer here, and I am even more sad that it is as the result of the small differences between us. We should not be acting like the Christian or Muslim, who teaches hatred for small differences of opinion. We are better than that. We follow a better way than that. I am here to reach out to a moderator. I would like to see these differences embraced and discussed, and not banned outright. I would like to plea the case for my friend More_Pie_Guy so that he and his friends may be welcomed back into your discussions. I am in Nicaragua now, teaching a group of tourists the Mo Pai way. My internet and power usage vary from day to day (very 3rd world here), but I will make myself available to anyone who wishes to speak with me about this request. I hope to hear from you. And please, with all respect, let's not forget one of the teachings from our great master Lao Tzu, "When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will repsect you" Thank you for listening to my plea. I eagerly await your response.