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  1. I haven't ejaculated in almost two weeks and I feel tingling sensations in my feet and a more rolling like sensation in my balls. This is actually crazy that you noticed this too, but for me it's not 'shooting'. At least not yet.
  2. you don't tolerate it, you help fix it. Tolerating intolerance is watching someone kill themselves in front of you without you telling them that they don't need to do it. There's no such thing as someone naturally born to only hurt and hurt; they lived their lives knowing and seeing nothing else and became a product of that. You're only hurting yourself if: A ) you're allowing that member to flow negativity into you B ) you don't fix the source rather than fight the outcome You can't make that person change yourself, but you can help them out by showing what love is and what love means. If you were to just see all this bad stuff happen in front of you and you don't do anything to help stop it, then who's the bad guy? Negativity is healed with the positive, hate is healed with love. Love those who hate, and they'll start loving too. Stop torturing yourself by being a witness. Help end the issue.
  3. What people may fail to understand is that relaxation doesn't come in a day. For a generally tense person (the average American in my case) it can take almost a month to be able to ease all that unnecessary tension. In my case, my frustrations of not being able to fully relax caused more stress and tension. I can't help but to say tension causes heat and relaxation causes coolness for me. My body never responded to heat well, so you can guess it's going to be a long summer, and I think it's that reason that I know I'm feeling tension. When I'm relaxed I feel an almost euphoric feeling. Anything is possible, and even the most challenging things seem doable. For me, feelings like these are few and far in between; but I know if I want to live a healthy life I need to live a relaxed life.
  4. Hello

    Hello all, You guys can call me Kun. I'm here to learn mainly of semen retention and fulfilling an orgasmic state so many people are deprived of. I've unfortunately been conditioned here in America to be goal-oriented in my sexual practices and have always equated ejaculation to orgasm....that probably drained so much of me. I'm on the road of ejaculatory control and multi-orgasmic response; but after years of conditioning the American way, the road isn't going to be easy. Being circumcised as an infant certainly doesn't help either. With that said, hopefully I can come here for some guidance and help anyone else I can. Cheers! Kun