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    Thank you for letting me join your forum. My primary interest in Taoism is rooted in the physical forms of Taoism. I have some training in Tai Chi and Qigong but most of it was decades ago. I've recently returned to qigong mostly because I've missed who I am when I practice it regularly. You perhaps know what I mean. I feel more rooted, better balanced, and more alive when I have been regularly practicing. My original practice was with Yang Tai Chi with an instructor who is outstanding. Unfortunately, I moved and never was able to repeat the experience. My interest has shifted to investigating different forms of qigong -- it is amazing how position and movement can affect every aspect of my mind, body, and emotions. .Stuart Alve Olson's books and videos seem to be the best that I've found so far. I particularly like how he layers information from the most basic to how what one is doing connects with the world view of Taoism And, it would be possible for me to at least attend a seminar at least once a year. I'm considering using a blog to make me more conscious of what I'm doing daily and enjoy sharing it. Any suggestions or pointing out anything I might have missed is always welcomed. My background is very limited to some books I've read and my early Tai Chi instruction. I know just enough to follow most discussions.