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    Thad is one way. But there is a danger of falling into fake peace. A very disguised helplessness feeling and a veiled frustration making as peace. You can go directly to peace. But for most people it's like going directly to learn rocket science without first learning school level calculus.
  2. freedom

    Who? In practical term. You. The everyday mundane you who goes to the store and do everyday things. How. I already wrote about that. Why? Only if you want to be realized.
  3. freedom

    Haha.Thanks all. Obviously, you develop your mind and body in those 3 step. You don't have a choice. You have to do the mastering the world step first because you are convinced the world is master over you. By seeing that you are the one who determine it, you become the master over the world. If you shows to yourself that you can't win then you're giving outer circumstance power and that you're demonstrating that you are powerless in everything and every way. If you want a good thing. You should get it. The next step, master the body. If you're sick, you heal the sickness. The last step is to become master over your mind. Now you are a Master. At this stage, if there are sickness or pain you can choose not to feel it. You can heal it, but you can choose not to heal it. If it's hot, you choose to feel cool. Vice versa. Whatever happens, if the whole world hates you, you don't feel at all disturbed. You have a very strong and capable feeling of peace no matter what happens. This is the chronology that is practical or feasible for most. If you go in any other way, there is danger of delusion. You can say I already master my mind, I am beneath the suffering, but deep down you know you're not if you haven't master the previous step. Deep in you, you know you are lying to yourself. In actuality, the level of those unspiritual active go getter people are higher than yours spiritually. Again. You use mind in all step. Or something akin to the mind. You are tempering your mind in the first, second and last step. But in the last the level of mind mastery is higher. Way higher.
  4. freedom

    Hi everyone and let me start with a question. First, you master the world. Then, you master the body. Finally you master the mind. What do you think?