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    Thanks guys i will look into this. I know there are a lot of sites or places that offer some kind of karmic/channeling/ soul clearing cleansing, etc etc... Anyone can PM me a good site or service which i can use will be deeply appreciated. I like to know more about this area. What is difference between a channeler and a soul cleanser. there seem to be quite a little bit of similarities there but the prices wildly differ. Any thoughts on this?
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    I have read a little about negative Karma, Soul cleansing and many other services. Some use Bhuddism, some Angels, higher powers, hinduism, christianity,and others. What is the best approach so far in removing negative Karma, etc. as dar things have not been doing well for me in terms of my job, relationships, things i do do not have favorable outcomes, etc. some years ago it was all good but was not the greatest. I know there are many approaches in resolving issues. I used to be quite analytical but i feel now that science or analysis is not always an answer to some issues or am i wrong? Anyone can recommend a good, true spiritual healer what is not a scam like. Dr Sha or takes $1000s of dollars for an improvement in one's life. I heard that some places offer negative karmic reductions but are those 'real'. I appreciate it. May god bless.