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  1. What a weekend. I experienced the Stillness Movement workshop in lovely Springfield. I'm not the best at going into details but there's no doubt in my mind that this is the practice for me. I am still like an inexperienced newbie in the whole scheme of things qi gong; what the 3 day weekend did for me was give me the inspiration that I was searching for. At the workshop, Micheal was like a whirlybird of energy, whipping around us; it was delightful to see, although I'm still learning to really feel. He did sacred chants and drum beats in a rhythm that evoked higher vibrations. You can tell he holds more wisdom that the ordinary human can fathom. The long time students were gracious in helping beginners. Some of the beginners that had never done the practice really took off with it. Thank you Michael for giving me the tools to reach my potential. Cheers, Laura
  2. The SM workshop is next week. What say we meet in the lobby of the hotel where the workshop is at 6 pm. Too early? Let me know. Cheers Laura
  3. Sorry to hear that, Brian. Take care Laura
  4. I have to admit, it's not my dog. The thing is, I had this wonderful app on my phone and shot a pic of my sister-in-law's dog while visiting in northern California and that's when I dubbed in the wonderful enhanced colours. He is a cutie, though. I've since lost the app while updating my iphone, which is a bummer! Sorry you're not going to be there. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Cheers, Laura.
  5. I am attending the Stillness-Movement Neigong Workshop at the end of June. I thought it would kinda nice if we could get to know one another before the workshop begins on Saturday. I'm just going to put it out there...if you want to meet ...or don't, that's fine, but we all have to eat, may as well eat together, right? Please PM me. We can talk about restaurants and time to meet for Friday evening. Cheers for now Laura
  6. Hello

    Hello to all, I am a newbie in all things qi gong. And that's okay, because I think I've come to the right place to learn. I've been reading the forum for that last year or so and have learned a lot. I do resonate with the Stillness Movement neigong; I think it will take me a long way. I'm excited to learn how to cultivate my own energy so eventually I can help others. Cheers, Laura