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  1. Qigong deviation syndrome cure ?

    I've had a similar issue as the result of an energetic practice going very badly wrong. Although people on here may have good intentions, the vast majority don't know what they are talking about as they A: haven't had the experience themselves and had to work through it, and B: are not qigong/negong/nei dan masters or doctors and don't have the skill to help you. In my experience, the only things that has really helped is working with people who is are very skilled qigong/nei gong practioners/masters in PERSON. I am still going through it and I have seem many people. Try and find someone who has experience in working with this kind of problem and has the skill to be able to diagnose what is going on internally with you themselves (not you telling them and them repeating it parrot fashion back to you) and see where it takes you. They need to be able to see or feel what is happening internally with you, not give you some general TCM diagnosis. Unfortunately the percentage of people about who are skilled enough and have experience with the kinds of problems you are dealing with is tiny. As you are in Europe there might be a number of people may be able to help you. Realistically it is unlikely that anyone will be able to 'cure' you, but the combination of working with someone who has experience with this kind of thing and an internal self practice that they suggest (once you are more stable) is the most likely solution.
  2. Moderation on TDBs

    I feel for the mods that they have to endure this kind of nonsense for so long before stepping in. On the majority of other forums, most of you would have been long gone, which gives testament to the fairness and tolerance of the moderation on this site.
  3. Moderation on TDBs

    FWIW I believe the moderation here is pretty lax and the moderators are very tolerant. Recently, someone came onto the forum and racked up a huge number of posts, ramming their political and logic based ideology down everyone's throat with no real attempt to contribute to what this forum is about, and the mods seemed amazingly patient with this person. It's a similar situation with the Moi Pai crowd. Every so often a thread pops up and the Mo Pai zealots derail the thread and then cry conspiracy or some kind of vendetta. The mods tolerate a huge amount of total nonsense before stepping in. I think you are lucky they let you waffle on as much as you do.
  4. Info on Bobby Joe Blythe - Martial Arts Criminal

    Not sure having a video of a guy getting stomped to death is the sort of thing that should be on this forum.
  5. Not being on facebook makes you happier

    Not being on Facebook Daobums the internet and doing practice instead, makes you happier.
  6. Insomnia is down to lack of/broken qi?

    All the Qigong and TCM in the world isn't going to help you if you are drinking, consuming caffeine, smoking weed and watching tv/computer late at night, on top of being stressed and emotionally unbalanced. It's a bit chicken and egg, but you have to get these things sorted before looking into any qi stuff. Start with the basics of sleep hygiene https://sleepfoundation.org/ask-the-expert/sleep-hygiene If you are struggling with practice I suggest some guided body meditations like the body scan from mindfulness. Something to occupy the mind while you are lying down. Sometimes it is just not realistic to be sitting up in bed and practising zazen or some kind of formal practice. A meditation tape that focuses on the the body can really help. Once you have your sleep hygiene down and have found some sort of practice that relaxes you while you try and drift ofF, if you are still having problems then look at working with Qi gong/Tai chi/TCM etc. It can be hard to stop all of the things that distract you from your problems (self medicating, watching tv/internet) so maybe start with a couple and see how you go. Starting slowly with something like no caffeine after lunch, no more than one beer and no tv/internet after 12 will give you a better chance of succeeding that trying to give up everything at once. I don't know a huge much about Daoism and the internal arts, but I know insomnia inside out having suffered with it for 7 years constantly. Send me a PM if you want any more info. I'm pretty sure your sleep can be sorted with a few new habits
  7. Nope. I recently had my eyes tested and I have very low pressure in my eyes. I have the feeling of Qi in my eyes.
  8. Yes, it makes me feel worse and does nothing for the energy in my head and eyes.
  9. It's a long story. I've had this for many years and have seen some very advanced practitioners. I cannot continue to live with it as it stops me from practising cultivation.
  10. Thanks spotless, I will give them a go. I have been to see a number of masters and so far no luck. Most Qi Gong or energetic practices make my symptoms worse so I don't do them. I keep on trying to find new ways, however demoralising it can be when they don't work.
  11. I do this quite often, but it only relieves the pressure slightly. I have had the Qi Sensation in my eyes, 24/7 for 7 years.
  12. Standing meditation makes the energy in my head worse. My MCO runs the reverse at the moment. Unfortunately the vast majority of TCM practitioners and acupuncturists do not have a clue about this sort of thing. I only trust people who have a serious self practice and they are few and far between.
  13. I have had energy stuck in my head, but also the feeling of energy stuck in my eyes for many years, as the result of an energetic practice going wrong. I've heard of other people having the former, but not of anyone having the latter. It is as if my eyeballs and totally full of Qi and I feel awake all the time (which had caused chronic insomnia for years) I also see patterns and waves from time to time, when I close my eyes. Has anyone had a similar sensation? If so what did you do to relieve it?
  14. Lower back pain resource.

    I have had back pain since my early teens and have suffered with sciatica for the last year and a half. I have two herniated discs in my lumbar spine and a vertebrae that is out of place in my thoracic spine. I also have neck problems. I have tried many things over the years, but IMO the best approach (depending on the cause) is a combination of eastern and western ideas and treatments. In terms of western treatments, the combination of core stability exercises, combined with a movement practice that helps to release patterns of muscular tension and self myofascial release has helped best. Stuart McGill and Grey Cook are both good for core stability and functional movement stuff: http://www.backfitpro.com/pdf/selecting_back_exercises.pdf Thomas Hanna and Moshe Feldenkrais are the go to teachers for releasing patterns of muscular tension: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Somatics-Reawakening-Control-Movement-Flexibility/dp/0738209570 For self Myofascial release/trigger point therapy, Clair Davies is very good: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Trigger-Point-Therapy-Workbook-Self-Treatment/dp/1572243759 Eastern methods I am not so familar with, but the things that have helped me are tai chi, qi gong and some exercises from Damo mitchell's book, Daoist Nei Gong. In particular the spinal wave exercise is good for realigning the spine and is something I have been experimenting with recently. For sciatica, my suggestion is a core stability program (strengthening the multifidus and transverse abdominis) combined with and internal practice like tai chi or qi gong. You want to strengthen your core stabilizing muscles as much as possible to support your spine and give the discs a chance to heal, while doing an energetic practice which will also help facilitate healing. I am not the best at keeping to a routine, but I have tried most things and these are what work for me when I do them consistently.
  15. Socialism does work

    Perhaps Apech should rename this thread: Karl, Brian and Marblehead discuss why socialism doesn't work, or maybe the K.B.M Like/Thank you circle jerk? Thank you. No my dear fellow, thank you. No I insist, thank you.........................