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  1. Good Luck. Feel free to ask any question if you have any. You could also try a healing session with someone like Chunyi Lin or Michael Lomax.

  2. on the hand which I think is called Hegu reduces pain anywhere quite a lot. It feels like it produces endorphins. I forgot to mention that acording to TCM as I understand it pain is the result of blocked enery. So when you get energy circulating and unblock all your channels pain is supposed to go away or be reduced. Any practice will help with that but some more than others of course.

  3. shown in studies to reduce pain by about 50% after only a few months. Mindfulness and equanimity also reduces the suffering of pain so that although there is still pain you are not so bothered by it. Read about the research on mindfulness based stress reduction by Kabbat Zinn and the book full catastrphe living. Also there are techniques to reduce any kind of pain. For example pushing an acupoint

  4. helpfull than something generall like standing meditation and thai chi. You could ask Ya Mu which is an expert on medical qigong in addition to teaching an awesome neigong system and being a good healer. You could also check out if there is anything in springforestqigong, which is a very medical based system, that focuses on your type of issues.

    Anyhow, meditation of anykind has bee...

  5. flexibillity, strength and transformation of muscles, tendons, joints etc. and eventual enlightenment. So I belive standing meditation might well clean out the problem through working energetically and or by healing and developing the more solid aspects of your body. My guess would be though that there are more specific medical qigong excercises that target such problems and that these are more

  6. -s and everything really to a "higher level" in the way one often tries to do with other qigong excercises aimed specifically at developing one of those areas. THe poster Fiveelementtao said that his teacher, a very respected master in China, says that if you do 45 minutes of standing meditation a day you will get everything you need. Everything includes jing, chi, shen transformation, ...

  7. muscles. THis precision is beneficial in reducing pain in the body in my experience because everything moves in utter perfection and nothing inside your body "bumps into each other". Standing meditation I belive is beneficial because it also helps alignment a lot, because it opens, cleans and developes your energy body very well and because over the long term it changes your muscles, bo...

  8. -nt. Beyond this I think thai chi and standing meditation can be very beneficial. I only have a little personal experience with it and not much theoretical knowledge about it but here are my thoughts. Thai chi teaches you to move your body extremely precisely in a way you just can`t develop with yoga because the movements are so incredibly slow. You just get a deeper more precise contact with your

  9. also has a program for training with clubbels and a style of yoga called prasara yoga. A lot of the philosphy behind intuflow is found in how these are made and I think doing all three together is an awesome training program that would add benefit for someone with your problem because it focuses so much on the ability for painless movement and healthy muscle groth and healthy flexibility developme

  10. a pleasure to move in an intuflow trained body. Alongside alignment, stretching and precision of movement I think the benefits of intuflow are the key to healing these kinds of pains. Intfulow also has a lot of more qigong like energy benefits and follows a movement pattern derived from shamanist techniques. Scott sonnon I think is the name of the guy who made intfuflow

  11. One thing I would recomend highly that I have discovered after I got rid of the problems is intuflow. It is a joint mobility program were you move all joints in specific sequences. It is designed to train your joints to move in all its possible ranges of motion and to become very fluid. After doing it for some time your joints starts to feel very fluid and movable and comfortable. It really is

  12. entirely from the detox. It gave me back a huge part of the flexibility I had lost and made my muscles feel like butter. I guess the Iyengar and pilates took away about 50% of the pain the body therapies about 25% and the detox 25%. In other aspects such as more energy etc. the detox did not help at all.

  13. internal space in the body and avoided stuff in my body "bumping into each other" so to avoid creating pain. Nrxt I started doin cranio sacral therapy and some rolfing. That also helped quite a bit. In reducing the rest. THen I went to a 5 week ayurvedic detox and Iyengar yoga program in India. After that more or less everything was gone. I believe the benefit of that trip came almost e...

  14. control over them that they were not trained properly during yoga. By doing pilates I gained strength and control in the area so that when I do yoga now the core muscles are used more and so trained further. In a month or two Iyengar and pilates took away a huge part of the pain. Basicly the benefits all came from alignment of the body and stretching. I think the key is that this created more

  15. I almost never feel any of it anymore:). What fixed was several things. First I changed from only yoga in a fairly vinyasa style to much more Iyengar. Iyengar stressed meticulous alignment which is why it helped more than the flow yoga. I also started doing more Pilates. THe benefit of the pilates was to strenghten and structure my core. Initially my core muscles were so weak and I had so little