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  1. journey to the north

    hi everyone, i generally avoid posting anything online, but out of appreciation i would like to say a few things here before i return to my personal practice. throughout various times over the past 5 years or so i have been a lurker and gotten good leads from various members of this board. inspiring me to actually travel to and personally learn from some amazing beings on this planet. i have gotten so much benefit and enthusiasm from hearing others testimonials regarding there favored teachers and styles. however i feel all too often people spend too much time speaking on the internet rather then really putting in the time and effort to personally connect with people in the world. that being said, i am writing this from one taobums member home that gave me the hope of healing in a time of need. I am speaking of the super full lotus enthusiast, Drew Hempel. so much has been said of the guy, positive and negative, I thought it would be good to put in my own 2 cents gained from my own experience of actually being with him in person. first of all I was always a fan of his off the wall writing rythms and his free expression of thought. and he really did help me connect with his teachers via his high love and faith in them. it appears to me that some people view his words and ideas as too strongly pushed out there. in particular his focus on the need for full lotus and celibacy. however, being with him in person i can clearly see that it stems from a deep understanding of what is really going on in the world. when you have the degree of understanding that he does, in regards of the deep deep corruption of western civilization and how the wealth of the west is inversely related to the suffering and exploitation of the rest of the world, his urgency and seeming radicalism is increasingly understandable. his push for the highest standards of energetic training comes as well from the fact that he has a lot of personal experience with some truly extraordinary masters who happen to use the two aforementioned spiritual training tools and have reaped great spiritual benefit from. as far as testimonial reports i can speak for his pulsing of the pineal gland and its visible vagus nerve activation. as well as his real connection with nature, and dropping of western lifestyle systems that allow further and further harm to this planet. all in all, i would like to put out a simple point to the online communities of spirituality in general. compassion and empathy are two extraordinary spiritual qualities. please make use of them in your own relations, online or off. and remember that unless you spend enough time with individuals, its never a good idea to speak too strongly with judgement,whether positive or negative. and if you wish to maintain a valuable satsanga, please try to express your thoughts and ideas while maintaining your ability to think from one anothers perspective, equal to your own. p.s. i didnt get much sleep last night, so forgive me for the sloppy writing style.