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  1. sense of humor?

    sense of humor?
  2. sense of humor?

    I read some time ago an italian translation of Mumonkan: the japanese answer to the qustion 'have dogs budda nature?'was 'Mu'... my question is: since the gateless gate was originally written in chinese language, and the answer would have been 'wu', (wich would have been the onomatopeic for a dog barking), was this coincidence intentional,or it might have been a way to give a multiple answer?(denoting an apropos sense of humor?)
  3. gratitude for psilocybin experiences

    I'd like to know other's experiences,if ther'are any,'cause I found this account very intresting.( never had myself such experience)
  4. The Moors re-civilized Europe after the fall of Rome

    The Moors re-civilized Europe after the fall of Rome Sardinia is an island in the middle of Medterranean.It's flag shows four blindfolded moors probably a reminiscence of slavery.There has been constant threath both side of the sea for xkkkk years, but not only:a flux of commercial,cultural scientific knowledge,religious tenet,and last but not least genetic exchange provided a most vigorous evolution,culminating in what we call western the form of greek and roman culture.People migrating from Africa to the rest of the world did change culturally mentally genetically,growing away from the african Human Archetype,giving birth to the variety of present day.I find rather curious this diatribe.......(sorry for my bad englsh).....nobody really knows who 'invented' man as it is today.Ther'is a rithmic up'n down in every culture,a yin and yang if you want,and each contribute to the general picture.
  5. I - Ching

    what if ther' s no water?is it better with clean hands or clean mind?of course if you follow the course of mind of the ancient people,it would be a sign of courtesy to follow the prescripted "rituals",and respect.Then again it seems that I Ching is aware of your state of mind when you do the consulting.As the true purpose of I Ching is the same as yours. P.S.I personally found intresting the translation of R.Wilhelm with an introduction by G.Jung
  6. greetings

    Hi. am italian,Sardinia,but I've been living in tuscany,lombardy,near Switzerland,with a dash of germany,couple of years of England,and a dot of holland.etc...,I am 59,and I've always been keen on mistery,and what greater Mistery is there but life? I started quiet young with yoga,(atha) passing trough vivekananda,(Jnana),approching then tantra without knowing potential danger, there,(the serpent power, kundalini etc.)then something happened,wich I could'nt manage,and after a period of intense "power" feeling I was left with a "down" that was extremely hard to bear.All this happened a long time ago,30-35 years ago,to make short of a long story,I never ceased to look for the goal but, weary of any kind of affiliation,going my way on my I think the time has come to seek from "others" and maybe share.Hope this is enough of a start,(?)ciao.
  7. greetings

    Hi,hello to everybody..english not being my mother tongue I beg forgiveness for any mistake I'll surely make.I'm rather intrigued by anything concerning spiritual(?) awareness,and joined this forum to see if it was possible to learn something.