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    I have studied the nature of Tao since 1968. As a student in high school I had an unusual interest in the essential nature of existence which drew me to explore many different paths, with Taoism making the greatest impact on me. I read as many different interpretations of the Tao Te Ching as I could find, as well as Chuang Tzu. Of course there are so many more interpretations of these classics available now, and I have my favorites. The greatest inspiration and expression of the nature of Tao is the natural world, which no book could ever hope capture. It is my greatest teacher. I had the opportunity to study the Yang based Tai Chi form of Cheng Man Ching starting in 1984. I have practiced ever since. Tai Chi has deepened my experience of Tao greatly, as I experience Tai Chi as a practice meant to explore and express the activity of Tao. I have never been a member of any Taoist community before. I am somewhat of a solitary type. I will be interested to read the many posts on this forum and post my own when I have something useful to say. Blessing to you all.