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  1. Synergy of Parallels

    What I seek is simple: divine rulership of my internal kingdom and external sphere of influence as a student of the reality we are all a part of along with the casting away of illusions to perceive, dissolve, and recreate the parabolic nature of the truth that surrounds us thereby writing my own script in the play of life in our cocreative world. Like I said, simple. Anyway I am a sorcerer. A magus/witch/wizard/spiritualist/magician/shaman/whatever. My practices are varied and studious, that is to say, I actually practice what I talk about, even though I traverse several different major traditions and many sub-sets of those fields. Hermeticism, Hoodoo Rootwork, Ceremonial Magick, and psychic development are a few off the top of my head for what I have practiced thus far and have successful experience in. I'm adding Neikung to my repritoire as I desire a balanced, parallel approach to spiritual developement. For every path I am able to successfully (keyword: successfully) integrate into my own through application of the knowlege, a synastry occurs with each of my other fields of study. Tai Chi, Yoga, and Tantra are also fields I have some experience with, but seek deeper practice and integration with them. I look forward to our future discussions and specifics. And I have read the two pinned theads in the Lobby and the rules page. Pretty much common sense stuff.