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    Hi there! I've been reading posts and watching the interactions of members on this post and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of maturity and helpfulness of everyone here. So I decided to join up. I will be posting under a semi-anonymous profile mostly because I have a fairly pronounced internet presence (I didn't seek it out, but the stuff I did gained some popularity) I'm very eager to improve my spiritual side and very keen to explore my inner-space. I have a few things that I noticed happening to me and I would very much like to understand what or how these relate to my actions or inactions. I also have some contributions to provide in terms of living with a wife with a (in my opinion) personality disorder for the past 15 years. I think it may prove interesting to some of you folks out there about how it affects your energy. I will share once my posting has been approved by the moderators. Have a great day!