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  1. It Is Not Dao

    I agree. I would also add the same is true of our bodies.
  2. TaoMeow on Coffee

    For what it's worth, all of the good TCM doctors I've seen have said that coffee is healthy if you drink an appropriate amount in the appropriate ways. I drink a cup or two per day of good quality coffee in the morning and use a glass device called a "Chemex" - it looks like a giant Erlenmeyer flask, and is very easy to use, you put in a filter and pour hot water over the ground beans. Very easy to use.
  3. Qigong and qigong teachers

    And if you did you'd just be cheating yourself, any way.
  4. Why Do We Focus On Dan Tian ?

    Maybe the English expressions "gut feeling" and "listen to your gut" are dim cultural memories of a time when the ability to listen to the LDT was a more common skill? To answer the OP's question, I don't have any theory as to why; my teachers have all just specified that I work with that part of the body and my awareness in the various practices, so I do, and I've had good results from following their instructions.
  5. It Is Not Dao

    The Dao De Jing talks about what is "budao", literally "not dao" or not following the way: 物壯則老,是謂不道,不道早已 When things are full grown, they age This is called not following the dao Not following the dao they soon perish (Chapter 30 and also Chapter 55)
  6. Hello

    Hi all, I am an amatuer cultivator looking forward to learning and discussing from everyone here. I've been meditating on and off for years, recently took up taiji quan and qi gong and am trying to apply Chinese medicine to look after my health. Thanks to the hosters of this forum and the participants for sharing their diverse perspectives and wisdom.