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    Hi All, I've been checking in with this site for a while now researching various insights you all have into the myriad of qigong forms out there. About me, I'm an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and have been practicing various forms of both tai chi, qigong and yoga for about 15 or so years. Probably my most consistently practiced form would be that taught by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong of the Emei Linji school both the Wuji form as well as the 18 methods (which I've not seen much discussion on this site - Powerful stuff if anyone is interested. Although I've practiced the 1st volume off and on over the last couple of year I currently I've delved fully into the Flying Phoenix meditations taught by Terry Dunn, (and loving it!) which is my primary reason for joining in on this site as I have some questions and it seems that this is the place to have them answered! Looking forward to participating in some of the discussions. Much gratitude, Curtis