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  1. Lao Tzu and the "belly"

    Great conversation everyone! I am enjoying reading it while waiTing for lunch. Its funny that I was just thinking about lower mind vs higher mind. One thing that has been helpful for me lately is being mindful of balancing between the two as I work at my desk or walk around. In tai chi my instructor would constantly remind me to relax my upper self and try to move my tension or focus to my hips and thighs. Practicing awareness of that seems to help me feel less anxious, and also I seem to have more energy for home life in the evening. Thanks for a great discussion!
  2. how-dy!

    Thank you and have a good one!
  3. how-dy!

    Hello Tao bum land! I think I have been a tao bum without knowing it all along I have ended up on this site a couple times and enjoyed what I read. So glad to be here! A little bit about me, I'm a recovering perfectionist who has found that things align with abundant use of meditation, tai chi and the tao. I spend a good bit of energy every day on letting go My wife, our dog and our home are what I cherish most. A great day for me is going camping in a tent, then waking up and driving my Jeep on the trail, while actually having long hair, eating granola, practicing Chinese meditation and listening to hippie music all at the same time. You know, the whole deal