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  1. The Spirit of a Martial Art

    Interesting thoughts. I think that at the basic level martial arts did begin as a means to create fighters. The word martial came from somewhere. But then we, humans, discovered that there was something to the training that was more than just fighting, that it allowed us to develop into deeper, better, people. I think that the Japanese were onto something by separating out the "jutsu" and the "do." I wonder if it the "spirit" of the martial arts has anything at all to do with the martial arts and more to do with training. Dedicating yourself to physical mastery. Maybe it is why we find some "spiritual" runners and what not. Any activity that allows you to lose yourself into the flow of the activity itself....... - Peace.
  2. Hello Under, Whatever is going on is not something that you can diagnose or treat yourself. You need to get some help. There is not shame in this at. Everyone of us gets to a point where we need some expert guidance, be it with our car, our body, our mind, or whatever. You are at the point where you need expert guidance. Please do something about this! Go to your doctor. Go to a hospital. Get some treatment. Tell a competent professional what is going on and let him or her help you. You are making a large assumption that what you are feeling now was "caused" by your meditative experience. I don't know that and neither do you, but this is your life you are talking about. If you do not want to get help from a "western" doctor then post what area you live in and I am sure that people here can refer you to another type of expert. Regardless, you were brought into this world for a reason. Don't give up on yourself yet!
  3. Hello and Thank You

    Thanks. Looking forward to hanging around and getting to know everyone. A question though, if anyone might help. How do we (I) get a personal practice journal set up? Peace!
  4. Hello and Thank You

    Hello! I found this site while researching Terrence Dunn's Flying Phoenix qigong. That particular thread has been very helpful to me and I wanted to pop in and say thanks to everyone. I am looking forward to learning and discussing. So again, thanks!