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  1. New Member - How to get started in here?

    So I joined the site and it said to come here to post something about myself so I could get started. ( Not much of an introduction to the site.) I came here and was totally confused. But I think I figured it out! Step 1: BREATHE Step 2: Verify account via email that was sent to the email address I used Step 3: BREATHE Step 4: Come back to this area ( and click the Start New Topic button Step 5: BREATHE Step 6: Post a new topic introducing yourself. Click the Post New Topic button at the bottom of the're done! Step 7: SMILE <confused on how others would actually waste time reading these posts with all the spam posts but, hey, it's their site so I'm postin.' Here's a novel idea...why not put an introduction text field in the Profile section so people can read about you when they check out your profile? > So this enough for you to know I'm a real person and not a spambot? LOVE YOU GUYS! VERY GLAD TO BE HERE! (Lemme know if you'd like help on making the user experience a little better. I'd be glad to help.
  2. How do I post my introduction??