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  1. Hello all

    Btw is my avatar pic a default? I don't remember selecting it, tho love tony hancock so very apt!
  2. Hello all

    Hi, stumbled es upon this site after googling a question about differences between vipassana and Taoist meditation. Very impressed with quality of content here, so thought I'd join up. I was first introduced to Taoist techniques back in late 90s thru reading a book called Urban Warrior by Barefoot Doctor. Since then I studied tai chi, read Tao te Ching, mantak chia, Geoff. Dyer and a whole lot else. Basic Taoist principles have become my default setting, and I am sure my life has been greatly benifitted from the subtle and profound twists and turns of the ever elusive Tao. Thanks and I look fwd to reading more of your insights on the forum.