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  1. Scary experience

    Yes that could be a problem
  2. Scary experience

    Thanks but i prefer to not go in to details for now. Just wonder if someone understand this.
  3. Scary experience

    Thank you so much! Now i finally know what to do. No but i asked for someone who would recognize this.
  4. Scary experience

    Hi! Wanted to ask experts here what this means. Think i got help to meet my twin. Then we did a ceremony. I guess at the same time. She in another city. Something sort of "jumped out" from my heart and it felt so scary i was in shock for weeks or more. I felt in my heart or the "thing" that jumped out that i was alone. Pretty sure she felt the same. But how can we be alone if we both felt it?
  5. Hello + some Kundalini experiences

    Hi! Had some experiences the last year. Any expert on what this means? Think i got help to meet my twin. Then we did some kind of ceremony and i think we both felt alone. Something "jumped out" from the heart and was scared beyond belief. Higher self i guess??! I was in shock for weeks. But we both felt it i guess so how can we be alone? What does this mean? The goal with meditation is oneness? But not like what i experienced i hope. Have felt Kundalini also and it was wonderful.