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  1. taoism enlightenment?

    I have been changing for months since around august time. I started to become ultra confident. for what ever reason only want to do good and help people who need it and advise people who do wrong to be better. I no long desire money or the need for people to like me, although people seem drawn to me. I started feeling a spiritual presence around me a few weeks ago so decided to go to a spiritual group last week. At which i was able to give a reading for somebody with out ever practicing or beleaving in that sort of thing. As i was leaving i lady in charge of the group said that she could see my spiritual guide. I knew i had a presence around me and i thought it was my grandfather but she saw Daode Tianzun. At home i began to communicate with my guide and he lead me to laozi and the more i read the more i realised i have always been this way deep down. Its been a very unusual and deeply satisfying few months. I feel i have been waiting all my life to have my eyes opened.
  2. taoism enlightenment?

    I would kindly appreciate your participance in this topic. It is important to know how people where brought to taoism. So how was it brought in to your being?
  3. Dan Tian Jing Mechanics Question

    If your inner voice is true to tao. It will lead you to the correct path. Tao does not mean thinking it means letting go and being in one with the unversal path of you and you alone. What will be will be.
  4. I was enlightened in to taoism on monday. Before this i had no knowledge of it. I am a true believer and seek more knowledge.