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  1. Daoist Diet - Meal Suggestions?

    This is going to sound surprising to most of the people on this site, but, Daoists should "abstain from grain" foremost. They should eat what would naturally present itself during each season, including seasonal meats & organ meats, vegetables, fruits and of course appropriately used herbal medicines for each season. Many ancient texts talk about this, not just for fasting but actually avoiding grains ... modern research supports this view given all of the anti-nutrients in brown rice and wheat. The concept of the Tao and the behaviors of the "people of ancient times" may well be our hunter-gatherer past pre-dating agriculture. Most classical texts support this view. Oh and clearly ... AVOID ALL PACKAGED FOOD! It's made of junk ... even when it's labeled "healthy".
  2. Please allow me to introduce myself ...

    Hello, It's funny that I am filling this out, I love studying the tao ... but all this talking seems to go against the whole point! Ming ke ming fei chang ming, right? My name is David, and it's so wonderful to have a place to share a love for taoism online with others. I have been studying the tao for around 22 years. I have been a martial artist and qi gong practitioner for the same amount of time, that is how I was introduced to the tao. I have a very strong passion for herbal medicine and acupuncture. I completed a post graduate program in traditional Chinese medicine and am registered with the government of Ontario (my home province here in Canada) as a TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, we will be getting professional physician status in the next couple of years. I genuinely enjoy the impact that the tao has had on my life, and I'm very curious to see how a message board like this will work out for me, and for everyone else on here. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to me if you are interested ... I love meeting new people. I hope this message finds you all having a wonderful day or evening! Yours, David