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  1. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Also I would like to add that ΔΙΑ (from ΑΡΧΙΔΙΑ) means division. Pare in mind that we carry two testicles and that words cannot be random I think ΑΡΧΙΔΙΑ means Beginning split in two. Connecting this thinking with the Ying Yang patterns found everywhere things add up.
  2. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Very interesting topic. I am in semen retention for about 1 month now and it feels great. My hands are warm red, my skin softer, I am much more social, I express my self better either the case and the most important thing is that I feel clean. Something that the females around are easily and subconsciously seeing/sensing I have a very interesting piece of the puzzle for you which comes from the Greek language. ΑΡΧΙΔΙΑ in Greek means Testicles. Now pay attention ΑΡΧΗ which is the first word of the ΑΡΧΙΔΙΑ word means Beginning. Thus ΑΡΧΙΔΙΑ is the beginning (of life). It is where you draw the Jing energy in order to become energetically higher.
  3. New member says hello

    Hello there. I would love to keep in touch, follow the news and get as much as information possible from out there. I do believe the truth is out there and one , if not, the only way is the way of Tao, Tai chi, martial arts and deep meditation. So. It's nice to be here