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  1. I agree. That coffee stop together with the detox was a MAJOR hit in my system. Feel a whole lot better now, and this has had me woken up a bit regarding my overall consumption. One cup of coffee in the morning, and then just water, chamomile and rooibos, perhaps some fresh juice. Perhaps some sencha tea occasionally, I really appreciate it. Alcohol only on weekends and nothing over the top.
  2. Thank you! However, as stated, I found out that those specific pains were due to going cold turkey on coffee. I do have an old problem, with ache in my lower left back/abdomen amthat sometimes radiate down my left leg. I've had this for around 15 years. About 10 years ago I found a reflexologist (a very special elder, kind and with good power). He told me one of the things, besides eating healthier, was to do it SLOWLY. All my life I had just slugged it down. From then on, I've had the problem resurface perhaps every 3 months for a few days. I've also felt it, rather strong, these past days after the other pain went away. Once again I realized that I did NOT eat slowly. But now I'm aware of that, and today I feel better, over all. I will also think of the things you mentioned in your post. Thank you.
  3. No, I totally agree. This clearly indicates that I should change what I consume. Will definitely bring the coffee consumption down and eat a lot more healthy stuff. Had a nice lunch today, some mixed quinoa, salad, baby spinach, avocado and some lemon on top. Tasty!
  4. Finally, it seems to have passed. What a RELIEF.
  5. Yeah that's also interesting. During my two days I had only fruit for sugar, apples, bananas, oranges, and no dairy. However I'm not a huge dairy consumer. Never been. At least not in liquid form. However, I do normally consume some amount of cheese and butter daily, on the breakfast sandwich and so forth.
  6. Thank you dawei for your encouraging post. In this light, it makes it a little more interesting, than just a drag. Experiment of sorts. Just for testing I had another small coffee now, and as before, within ten minutes the pain goes away.. My goal is not to stop with coffee all the way, but this clearly indicates that I need to consume less. And I didn't see myself as a big consumer. 1,5 to 2 mugs (don't really know many 'cups' that is, it's around 5-6dl or around 2,1 us cups) per day. Rather strong. In Sweden strong coffee is the norm.
  7. True, I should consider non paracetamol.. I also think that stopping entirely with coffee also adds to the symptoms. This morning I had a small cup of coffee and within ten minutes the pain was gone. I then proceeded as usual with some chamomile tea with the breakfast. The rest of the day I've felt almost as normal since then, but now, afternoon local, the symptoms are coming back after having picked up kids at kindercare, some shopping, and walking back home. It has now been a week since I started my 'detox' and 5 days of aching. Just want it gone... I'm sick of it now, and am beginning to regret the whole thing, altogether.
  8. Hehe thanks guys. Although I did quit the detox, I now try to eat healthier over all. Also following C T's tips for recovery. Lots of water and chamomile tea. Still having the ache, it is now more prominent in my legs most in my thighs. Tonight was the first night without pain killers, which must be considered progress, but it wasn't very pleasant. Being constantly woken by my beloved three-year old daughter sleeping beside me didn't help. Boy, this is a slow process.
  9. Thank you silent thunder. Yes, I agree, on day 2 was where I also started to feel it. However, I obviously messed it all up by ending it (and having two beers at that!!!) on day 2. Now I just want the side effects to be over with. And I can make a proper detox another time.
  10. Thank you very much C T. I'll keep this very much in mind in the future. I was just a little baffled by the effects I got from not even two days of 'detox'. As I stated, I even had some salmon on the first night. Anyways, thank you once again.
  11. Thank you C T. I wasn't fully aware of this, no. This may be easy to tell me after the fact. Yes, I missed to prepare for this, I had no idea that less than two days of detox would cause this. Will these side effects last long? Is there a way to ease them?
  12. Hi, I recently tried a 'detox' diet for roughly two days (just water, fruit, veggies, nuts and some salmon for supper). No coffee (usually drink 1-2 mugs daily) I went on walks in the woods on both days, but I forgot the water intake on day 2, resulting in bad headache. The day I ended the detox diet (day 2) I felt a dull pain in my lower back. The day after that, day 3, I got dull ache in my lower back, buttocks and down the back of my thighs. Some occasional dull ache in my lower stomach, but not as bad. This was, at least of now, the worst day. Day 4 and 5 (today) I had pretty much the same aches but not as intense as day three. I guess these are 'withdrawal pains'. I just wonder about the nature of them and if there's anything I should do in terms of what I eat and drink. I still haven't had any coffee yet. Had a drink of soda with caffeine today and I've also had a few beers since the end of the detox. All the best, O
  13. An AYP'er looking for other Ways

    Thanks to all replies. This is a sufficient start! Kind regards Oculus
  14. Hi all! I found the TB forum through this thread (http://thetaobums.com/topic/25632-a-review-of-ayp-from-an-ex-practitioner/) which I am grateful for. I was Googling on similarities between AYP and TM and got to this thread. A 'short' background on me: In 2007 I found the AYP site as I was looking for some spiritual guidance. Being a big David Lynch fan, I (obviously) learned about TM and thought it sounded very interesting. I searched around a bit and found AYP and thought it seemed amazing. I started practicing and one night just a few sessions in, I tried a different mantra that I found somewhere (I believe it was 'IYEMA') instead of 'I AM' and boom! I fell deep within to the 'silent noise' and had an awesome experience. After this I never reached that state again. Probably because I was now striving for the experience instead of staying on the Mantra. A short while after, I had a crisis in my life and the meditation was out the window. After this, I've returned to AYP practicing a few times on and off, and started about a week ago up until yesterday, when I found the thread I mentioned and started to look critically on AYP and TM. First, I have a few questions regarding stuff talked of in the thread: What is 'torpor'? What is meant by 'overload'? as far as it goes, the critical input of the thread has made me think twice about AYP and I am now looking for something more solid. I still want all the 'goodies' that AYP claims, like; pure consciousness, finding the Self, Inner Peace, stress relief, clarity,etc. Therefore I ask the people of this forum for advice on what path to take. Are there other practices out there which one can learn by himself, but that are more solid and true than the AYP and TM models? Any kind of input would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Oculus
  15. Hi guys, glad to have found you

    Thank you Chang.