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  1. Greetings from an Novice Daoist

    Hello, I have been a long time lurker on these forums, thanks to this forum I found out about TaoTeChing and I have been a serious student of the Way, trying to align my life with it. I have been trying to find a philosophy to guide my life since childhood. The pursuit of wealth and power never appealed to me as a goal in life, thus my search for the proper way to live has always been my main concern. I started reading Sivananda's then Vivekanada's teachings (complete works) at 14, I am 26 now. I learned and applied concepts of Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism, and even went into Magick after reading Aleister Crowly and practiced some Chaos Magick for a short while, but most of these pursuits felt too removed from my way of life & caused me a lot of pain especially on relationships front, mainly because of my negative interpretations of relationships & nihilistic view of most of the teachers of these philosophies. On my first reading of TTC, I was shocked at its profound & simple words, since then my thinking has changed completely, I read TTC regularly, every now and then getting a new epiphany about life. Currently Zhuangzi is my companion. I am searching for a practice to help me with my energy cultivation, recently my health & energy levels have dropped significantly. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this, hope I will be able to contribute something useful to this great forum.