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  1. Live like your dog or an infant no past no future No right no wrong
  2. Hi, Nice to Meet You!

    Hi I am A student of everything encompassed in our version of reality. mine is I'm 35 I'm a suffering heroin addict and I have warrant for what I don't even know about.. I have been practicing choking and zazen and many of the dqoist meditations I have found in my 8 years of reasearch ..its been hard its been soft ..I feel for what I've done I don't deserve what I've found is true reality and if I knew what I don't know now that I would have Chang d a lot of things not to say they are regrets just different options. Summing IP I live in Vancouver BC area looking for an y wise men or woman that can help me at tone for my faults and stretghnthen my resolve T
  3. hey all wu wei for life

    Heyz I been trying to connect with fellow Daoist for a while. I'm in Vancouver and practice chi kung he kung.... Jeet Kune do ...and have a nice puppy boxer named tank that is looking for playmates I'm 32 easy going from Toronto <Been thru a lot See a lot > Just trying to slow my breath and Calm my Mind And limit my desires and Bask In Emptiness....Feel free to say hi ....